Name Position Phone / Extension Web Email
Michael Flynn Principal 4901
Marilyn Hutnick Assistant Principal, Grade 6 4902
Maegan Koelker Assistant Principal, Grade 7 4903
Mitchell Mencis Assistant Principal, Grade 8 4904
Lorin Caffelle Director of Secondary Special Education 6-12 4906
Mark Pedersen Director of Secondary Curriculum 4909
Dianna Elwell Senior Administrative Assistant 4965
Lisa Hamilton Executive Administrative Assistant 4900
Laura Lipfert Receptionist/Secretary, Notary 4960
Receptionist/ Secretary 4961
Laurie Padellaro Administrative Assistant – Special Education 4930
Laura Dolloff Nurse 4913
Susan Dauer Nurse 4912
Patrice Antczak Administrative Assistant – Health Office 4910
Pat Fanning School Counselor / Grade 7 4925
Amanda Huyler School Counselor / Grade 8 4924
Zachary Champion School Counselor / Grade 6 4923
Leslie Pasquini Student Adjustment Counselor 4927
Kelley Binette Student Assistance Counselor 4926
Tracy Antczak Administrative Assistant – Guidance 4920
Elizabeth Ellis Media Specialist 4971
Audrey Grew Media Assistant
Deede Laplante Media Assistant
Daniel Walker STEAM
Carol Liss STEAM
Christine Lacourse World Language / French
Timothy Doucette World Language / French
Amanda Jennison-Sousa World Language / Spanish
Catherine Gmelch World Language / Spanish
Coral Hampe World Language / Spanish
Gay Daigle Literacy Specialist
Elise Solloway Literacy Specialist
Allison Angle Reading
Helen Blanchard Special Education / Reading
Karen Milone Read 180/T2
Cynthia Sheehan Speech/Language
Monica McCaffrey Speech/Language
Kristina Moulis Speech Assistant
Sharon Bridson C.O.T.A.
Ashley Trubiano Occupational Therapist
Maria Latham Physical Therapist
Dawn Roberson Out of District Coordinator
Christina King E.L.
Michelle Desmond Art
Kate Harb Art
Lee Middlekauff Art
Stacey Mulhall Family & Consumer Sciences
Sarah Carroll Family & Consumer Sciences
Kenneth Clark Music/Band
Susan Howard Music/Chorus
Michael Green Music/Chorus
Robert Finch Music/Chorus
Kurt Schweiss Music/Band
John Zevos Music
Kathleen Dresser Physical Education/Health
Myra Hogan Physical Education/Health
Bruce Johnson Physical Education/Health
M.L. O’Sullivan Physical Education/Health
Jeff Petry Physical Education/Health
Christopher Gempp Technology Education
Gena Richards Technology Education
GRADE 6 -Wizards
Jennifer Cantelli Language Arts and Literacy
Erin Brewitt Social Studies and Literacy
Ford Sullivan Science and Literacy
Barbra Jean Welch Mathematics and Literacy
Leslie Galle Special Education
Nicole McCarthy Special Education
Julie Anderson Language Arts and Literacy
Diane Gagnon Mathematics and Literacy
Heather Terrile Science and Literacy
Andrew Wade Social Studies and Literacy
Robyn Ficek Special Education
Kathy Crotts Special Education
GRADE 6 – Boston
Amanda Ansell Language Arts and Literacy
Amy Champion Social Studies and Literacy
Nicole Freligh Mathematics, and Literacy
Amanda Komarek Science and Literacy
Danielle Morrison Special Education
Nicole McCarthy Special Education
GRADE 7 – Eagles:
Terri Costa Science and Literacy
Anne Licciardello Language Arts and Literacy
Nancy Leavitt Mathematics, and Literacy
James Dionne Social Studies and Literacy
Elizabeth Hendershot Special Education
GRADE 7 – Phoenix
Matthew McCabe Social Studies and Literacy
Erica McCluskey Science and Literacy
Julie Opgenorth Mathematics and Literacy
Kristin Soltis Language Arts and Literacy
Kathleen Crotts Special Education
Special Education
GRADE 7 – Chameleons
Jane Berrigan Language Arts and Literacy
Stacey Leonard Mathematics and Literacy
Christine Paradis Social Studies and Literacy
William Yorston Science and Literacy
Nicole McCarthy Special Education
Alyce Zepf Special Education
GRADE 8 – Nautilus
Elaine Binette Language Arts
Cameron Corey Science
Vincent Lombard Social Studies
Dianne Sherman Mathematics
Abby Legere Special Education
GRADE 8 – Discovery
Leeanne Hatch Social Studies
Susan.Inzenga Language Arts
Paul Kirouac Science
Kathleen McGuirk Mathematics
Brooke LaMonica Special Education
GRADE 8 – Everest
Donna Boretti Language Arts
Elizabeth Caswell Science
Darlene Schmidt Social Studies
Samantha Wallack Mathematics
Scott Desmond Special Education
Sally Morris TRMS Food Service Manager
John Fratiello District Food Service Director / Whitsons (603)382-6541 x3352
Jim Rivers TRMS Head Custodian
Rodney Mills District Facilities Supervisor (603)382-6541 x3354
Sandy Hodgkins District Transportation Coordinator (603)382-6119 x2229
Jeff Krauss TRMS Technology Specialist 4951
Ken Henderson District Technology Director (603)382-6119 x2215
Lois Paul District Technology Integration Coordinator (603)382-6541 x3953
Kevin Peck District Senior Tech Specialist / Network Admin (603)382-6541 x3954
Dean Zanello District Senior Tech Specialist / AV, Webmaster (603)382-6541 x3955
Christine Hubley District Technology Integrator / Distance Learning (603)382-6541 x3952