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Playmates Learning Center

Opened in 1988, Playmates Learning Center offers daycare, pre-school, kindergarten, and before and after school programs. Director Mrs. Linda Meehan is celebrating her 27th year at Playmates Learning Center. Two Learning Center goals this year are to encourage each child at Playmates to become an “independent thinker” and to build a strong relationship between parents and the Sandown schools. Mrs. Meehan has been working closely with these schools over the years by sponsoring end-of-year barbecues for the Sandown North, providing babysitting services for PTA events in Sandown, donating to Project Hope, and awarding the Citizenship Awards at Sandown Learning Center. We welcome Playmates Learning Center as a Community Business Partner and look forward to continuing these partnerships activities as well as looking for additional ways to expand connections throughout our community. Please visit their website www.playmateslc.com to find out more about Playmates Learning Center and their comprehensive education programs.

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