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Fall Tryout/Practice Dates


FIELD HOCKEY      Screening @ SAU Lot        Practice @ FH Field

Week 1:       Tuesday, September 8      3pm Screening, 3:30-5pm Practice

Thursday, September 10   3pm Screening, 3:30-5pm Practice

Friday, September 11        3pm Screening, 3:30-5pm Practice

Week 2:       September 14-17              3pm Screening, 3:30-5pm Practice


SPIRIT                Screening @ HS Gym Foyer         Practice @ HS Gym

Week 1:    Tuesday, September 8    6:45p Screening, 7-8:45pm Practice

Wednesday, September 9  6:45p Screening, 7-8:45pm Practice


GIRLS VOLLEYBALL          Screening: Coming from (in school= PE locker room, from home= gym foyer)     

Week 1:    September 8-11      2:30-4:15pm FRESHMEN/SOPHOMORES



BASS FISHING                   Screening and Practice @ Kingston Lake Boat Ramp

Week 1:   Wednesday, September 9     Group A: 4-7p    Group B: 5:30-7p

Friday, September 11           Group A: 4-7p    Group B: 5:30-7p


FOOTBALL                           Screening and Practice @Football Practice field (behind JV Baseball Field)

Week 1:     September 8-11                   3p Screening, 3-5p Practice

Saturday, September 12      9:30a-12:30p      Practice

1pm       Team Photos


GIRLS SOCCER                   Screening @ Varsity field Entrance          Practice @ Varsity soccer field

Week 1:      September 8-9                    5p Screening, 5-7p Practice

September 10-11                 2:45p Screening, 2:45p- 4:30p


CROSS COUNTRY             Screening JV Softball                     Practice  

Week 1:      September 8-11                 2:45p Screening, 3-4:30p Practice


GOLF           Screening Atkinson CC, remain in vehicle          Practice 

Week 1:

September 8   Driving Range

Screening 3p, 3:15p-4p Practice    *Juniors/Seniors*
Screening 4p, 4:15p-5p Practice    *Freshman/Sophomores*

September 9           Tee Times

Screening 2:45p, 3p-3:48p  Par 3 *Freshmen/Sophomores*
Screening 3p, 3:12p-3:48p  Front 9 *Juniors/Seniors*

September 10       Tee Times

Screening 3:45p, Tee Off  4p-4:36p    Par 3  TBD
Screening 3p, Tee Off 3:10p-4p      Front 9   TBD


BOYS SOCCER     Screening @Varsity Field Entrance         Practice 

Week 1:   September 8-11          4:45p Screening        5-6:30p Practice

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