Mealey’s Meals, established in 1980 and named after former Principal William Mealey, has provided help to families in need within the Timberlane Community. We would like to acknowledge and thank the TRHS Student Council for running this year's Mealey's Meals raffle!

 Raffle tickets need to be purchased by 3:00PM on Friday, December 18th. 

Winnners will be contacted via email or phone call and announced through a district wide email as well as listed on this web page on December 19th. Winners may pick up their baskets at the High School Dec 21st or 22nd between 7:00am - 6:00pm unless other arraignments have been made.

The winners of the Mealey Meals Basket Raffle 2020 have been chosen! Below are the list of the winners. If you are on the list you can contact, Mrs. Jennifer Libby, at TRHS (room 213) or email her at Email to make arrangements to receive your basket. Congratulations!!!! Thank you to all who bought tickets and/or made baskets. We are so lucky to work in a district that lends a helping hand. TRHS Student Council really appreciates all of your support! We were able to raise over a $4000 to help Mealey Meals.

Basket #1 Bath Basket - Alexia Daviduk
Basket #2 Relax and Read - Rebecca MacKenzie
Basket #3 Lottery Ticket Tree - Nicole McCarthy
Basket #4 A Holiday Celebration - Jill Farrell
Basket #5 The Covid Game Night - Paula Bergeron
Basket #6 A Hot Choc Lover’s Paradise - Quinn Averill
Basket #7 A Night of Relaxation Basket - Laura Hackett
Basket #8 Covid Survival Kit - Brenda Cioto
Basket #9 Take out Basket - Heather Babineau
Basket #10 Wreath of Luck - Dean Zanello
Basket #11 Tree of Gift Cards - Terry Sable
Basket #12 Scratch Ticket Basket - Shayla McNally
Basket #13 Dine and Dash - Olivia Allaire
Basket #14 Self Care and Restoration - Christina Wood
Basket #15 Gift Card Basket - Linda Hakimi
Basket #16 Game Night at TRHS - Lucy Landry
Basket #17 Ice Cream Sundae Basket - Debbie Plourde
Basket #18 Winter Storm Comfy Basket - Jo Brien
Basket #19 Kill it with Kindness - Meg Guanci
Basket #20 Night at the Movies - Melissa Morrow
Basket #21 Project Hope Basket - Laurie Newman
Basket #22 Art Basket - Darci Militello.

Thank you for your continued support of Mealey’s Meals! Happy holidays!