Gold Seal Readers

All first grade children at Pollard School were given a library card at the beginning of the school year.  Each time the child visits the library, the name of the book they check out is written on their library card.  When a child’s library card is full, meaning they have read at least twenty-five books, they earn a gold seal.  The program is designed to make frequent library visits and reading at home with an adult a habit!

Children in first grade may come to the library at any time, with the permission of their classroom teacher.  They are allowed to borrow one book at a time and have access to the entire collection.  Children may often bring home picture books or non-fiction titles that they are not yet able to read independently.  Please read the books with your child and discover together how the illustrations extend the text.  Picture books expose young children to rich language and non-fiction books spark their natural curiosity.  Reading aloud with children helps develop print awareness, letter knowledge, phonological awareness, print motivation, vocabulary, and narrative skills.

During the year the children will learn about making good choices in the library.  If your child brings home a book that is lengthy and difficult, look at the pictures and choose a brief selection to read from it.  Making just right choices is a skill that comes in time.

Check these pages again soon.  As children receive their gold seals their names will be posted here.  Happy reading!

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