Questions? – Who to Ask

If you have a question about:

Classroom Procedures, Homework, Curriculum, Field Trips
ASK Jen Marino (887-3648) or your child’s classroom teacher. Please send a note/email or call the teacher.
Bus Routes, Dismissal Information, Pick Up Patrol
ASK Tina Winship (887-3648)
Bus issues concerning discipline, safety, etc.
ASK Jen Marino (887-3648) or Mrs. Hodgkins, Transportation Coordinator (382-6119)
ASK Jen Marino/ Melissa MacDonald (Pre-K) (887-3648)
Health issues, attendance, or medication
ASK Mary Hatton, RN or Jen Marino (887-3648)
ASK Jen Marino (887-3648)
School Adjustment, Fear, Social/Emotional Concerns, Problems with Adults, Family Changes, Learning Problems, etc.
Discipline Issues, Lunchroom Issues, Classroom Concerns, Safety, Unanswered Questions, Unsolved Problems
ASK Jen Marino (887-3648)
Hot Lunch Questions
ASK John Fratiello (382-8086 x3352)
Library Books
ASK Pat Passanisi (887-3648)
Using the Building for Meetings or Events
ASK Tina Winship or Jen Marino for information (887-3648)
Special Education
ASK Melissa MacDonald (887-3648)
ASK PTA questions by sending a note to school, and we will forward to the PTA.
A direct issue, or an authority beyond Jen Marino
ASK Mrs. Sandra Allaire, Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning (382-6119)
Home Schooling
ASK Mrs. Susan Rasicot (382-6119)
ASK SOMEONE – We want to help, and your questions are important to us!