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How to Become A Business/Community Partner

Step 1 – Contact the Partnership Coordinator

You can contact Scott Strainge at 603-382-6541 ex 3907 0r at Scott.Strainge@timberlane.net

Step 2 – Meet the School Rep

Meet with and talk to the Partnership Coordinator to explore ways to get involved

Step 3 – Agree on a Plan

School and business representatives agree upon a project and the mutual benefits of their partnership. (Click here to go to the Projects Page)

Step 4 – Formalize an Agreement

The Partnership Coordinator will work with you to formalize an agreement. This is not a binding agreement but will spell out the role and expectations of each party. (Click here to go to the Agreement Document)

Step 5 – Review and Renew

Partners will review and renew the agreement each year.

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