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Timberlane Troops

A group of students dedicated to the idea that United States military personnel give all they have to give for our country and our freedoms, that the least we could do is show a few of them our appreciation. During the holiday season the students write letters to military personnel overseas, partnering with Adopt-A-US-Soldier. Care packages with non-perishable food items, toiletries, and games are sent to alumni of Timberlane Regional High School who cannot make it home for the holidays. Right now the students are undergoing an extensive fundraising project servicing our school’s Evening Division program staff and students with refreshments and snacks. Upcoming events for the Timberlane Troops include participating in local Memorial Day Parades to raise awareness for our group. The students would love to have enough funds to donate to The Wounded Warriors Project and the USO. The group meets Wednesday’s after school to discuss ideas on how we can further show our appreciation to Active Duty personnel and veterans of the armed forces alike.

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