Staff Directory

Name Position Phone / Extension Web Email
Michelle Auger Principal 5501
Doug Blay Assistant Principal 5506
Brian Shawley Assistant Principal / Curriculum Coordinator 5502
Fran Allen Secretary 5504
Deb Stokinger Secretary 5503
Kate Sherman-DeRoche Nurse 5604
Christine Collins Nurse 5565
Maureen Healey Nurse 5565
Marcia Blutstein School Counselor 5550
Pat Collins Librarian / Media Generalist 5518
Sue Tozier Literacy Specialist 5513
Rebecca Lightizer Teacher – Art 5541
Lisa Kennedy Teacher – Computers / Technology 5517
Dayna Rodriguez Teacher – Enrichment 5514
AnnMarie Pinard Teacher – Music 5540
Jessica Helie Teacher – Music / Stringed Instruments 5515
John Mainella Teacher – Music / Band 5515
Kim Silva Teacher – Physical Education / Gym 5515
Jenna Memmelaar Teacher – Spanish (FLES) 5534 WEB
Gia Buckley Special Education 5529
Kimbyr Cogliano Special Education 5560
Deb Covino Special Education 5529
Amy Dailey Special Education 5543
Sue Ferullo Special Education 5551
Melissa MacDonald Special Education 5552
Marcie Nee Special Education 5534
Karen Radjavitch Special Education 5542
Kimberley Russell Special Education 5523
Terri Spear Special Education 5524
Christine Cina Speech/Language Pathologist 5603
Mary Corredor Speech/Language Pathologist 5560
Ashleigh Stone Speech/Language 5603
Kristen Seymour Psychologist 5554
Stacey Auger Occupational Therapist 5505
Danielle Millett Occupational Therapist 5505
Janice Knuuttunen Physical Therapist 5505
Claire Woodard District Team 5553
Melissa Finneran ESL Teacher 5552
Katie Allen Title One Educator 5508
Jessica Webster Title One Educator 5508
Nicole Weir Title One Educator 5508
Crystal Masera Pre-K Teacher 5542
Melissa Wolfe Kindergarten Teacher 5537
Jessica Hood Kindergarten Teacher 5535
Elizabeth Larosa Kindergarten Teacher 5536
Sherry Bell First Grade Teacher 5525
Colleen Ferrante First Grade Teacher 5526
Leslie Laudani First Grade Teacher 5527
Sandy Ward First Grade Teacher 5528
Kimberly Bellmore Second Grade Teacher 5522
Kara Bloom Second Grade Teacher 5521
Katie Cipriano Second Grade Teacher 5539
Tish Gallagher Second Grade Teacher 5538
Jodi McFarlin Third Grade Teacher 5531
Amanda McMeniman Third Grade Teacher 5530
James Pelletier Third Grade Teacher 5532
Laura Shute Third Grade Teacher 5533
Julie Hazelton Fourth Grade Teacher 5555
Hope MacDonald Fourth Grade Teacher 5547
Alexis Vengren Fourth Grade Teacher 5548
Jessica Winter Fourth Grade Teacher 5556
Dawn Cotter Fifth Grade Teacher 5558
Dolores Coyle-Quirk Fifth Grade Teacher 5546
Barbara Kane Fifth Grade Teacher 5545
Jo Ann Robichaud Fifth Grade Teacher 5557
Debbi Waters Pollard School Food Service Manager 5564
John Fratiello District Food Service Director / Whitsons (603)382-6541 x3352
John Heffernan Pollard School Head Custodian 5566
Jim Hughes District Facilities Director (603)382-6541 x3350
Sandy Hodgkins District Transportation Coordinator (603)382-6119 x2229
Tyler St. Pierre Pollard School Technology Specialist 5559
Ken Henderson District Technology Director (603)382-6119 x2215
Lois Paul District Technology Integration Coordinator (603)382-6541 x3953
Kevin Peck District Senior Tech Specialist / Network Admin (603)382-6541 x3954
Dean Zanello District Senior Tech Specialist / AV, Webmaster (603)382-6541 x3955
Christine Hubley District Technology Integrator / Distance Learning (603)382-6541 x3952
Kathleen Weise District Technology Integrator (603)382-6541 x3951

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