Registration forms and payment will NOT occur via My School Bucks; forms and payment must be received by the Athletic Department (Spirit- see flyer for details)



Please email with questions:

Jessica Soucy

Senior Administrative Assistant-Athletics


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Recognition Nights

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SPRING SPORTS: Tryout Schedule

Calendar View: https://timberlaneathletics.net/main/calendar/

Athletes must be registered, have a valid physical on file with the Health office, complete the ImPACT concussion test (high impact sports only), and have passed all quarter two classes to be deemed eligible.


**All times and dates are subject to change**

BASEBALL (indoors pending good weather)

FRESHMEN BEGIN: March 28th!!

  • March 21          4:00p-5:30p          HS Gym
  • March 22          4:00p-5:30p          HS Gym
  • March 23          4:00p-5:30p          HS Gym
  • March 24          4:00p-5:30p          HS Gym
  • March 25          4:00p-5:30p          HS Gym
SOFTBALL (indoors pending good weather)
  • March 21          2:30p-4:00p          HS Gym; Seniors/ Soph ONLY
  • March 22          2:30p-4:00p          HS Gym; Jrs/ Fresh ONLY
  • March 23          2:30p-4:00p          HS Gym; All players
  • March 24          2:30p-4:00p          HS Gym
  • March 25          2:30p-4:00p          HS Gym
  • March 21          3:00p-5:00p         Phanzone
  • March 22          3:00p-5:00p         Phanzone
  • March 23          3:00p-5:00p         Phanzone
  • March 24          3:00p-5:00p         Phanzone
  • March 25          3:00p-5:00p         Phanzone
  • March 26          AWAY Scrimmage @ Lexington
  • March 21          4:00p-6:00p         Seacoast/Granite Fields-Kingston
  • March 22          7:30p-9:00p         Seacoast/Granite Fields-Kingston
  • March 23          4:00p-6:00p         Seacoast/Granite Fields-Kingston
  • March 24          4:00p-6:00p         Seacoast/Granite Fields-Kingston
  • March 25          4:00p-6:00p         Seacoast/Granite Fields-Kingston
OUTDOOR TRACK (come prepared to train outdoors)
  • March 21        2:30p-4:30p            Meet in HS Cafe
  • March 22        2:30p-4:30p            Meet in HS Cafe
  • March 23        2:30p-4:30p            Meet in HS Cafe
  • March 24        2:30p-4:30p            Meet in HS Cafe
  • March 25        2:30p-4:30p            Meet in HS Cafe
  • March 28        TIME TBD              HS Gym
TENNIS (come prepared to train outdoors)
  • March 21         2:30p-4:15p           HS Tennis Courts
  • March 22         2:15p-3:30p           HS Tennis Courts
  • March 23         2:30p-4:15p           HS Tennis Courts
  • March 24         2:15p-3:30p           HS Tennis Courts
  • March 25         2:15p-3:30p           HS Tennis Courts

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SPRING Sports Registration- NOW CLOSED

SPRING sports registration is now closed. If you are looking to register your child, please email Jessica Soucy (jessica.soucy@timberlane.net) for more information.

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Div. II Football Champions and Accolades

2021 Div. II East All-Conference Team:

Player of the Year: Cooper Kelley

First Team
QB- Dominic Coppeta
RB- Dominic Pallaria
RB- Daniel Post
Slot- Ethan Stewart
OL- Malikai Colon
DL- Evan Roeger
DL- Bryce Parker
LB- Camden Zambrowicz
DB- Jaden Mwangi
K- Harrison Bloom

Second Team
OL- Niko Langlois
WR- Matthew Williams

Honorable Mention
DB- Trey Baker

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ImPact Testing Remote / Home Instructions

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, ImPact concussion testing is now taking place online, in the comfort of your own home. Please click on the link below to access the At-Home testing instructions. Once completed by the student-athlete, they will receive a confirmation email.


ImPact Testing At-Home Instructions


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