About The Athletic Program

The Timberlane Regional High School Athletic Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and invite you to become a part of our athletic program. Participation in athletics can be very important in high school and in the future. We at Timberlane pride ourselves on having a reputation for being very competitive and taking part in many state tournaments.

One of the reasons for this success is an excellent coaching staff. Our coaches are knowledgeable and dedicated in their field. Most important, our coaches care for the student as a person.


Listed below are the sports programs offered at Timberlane Regional High School:


Fall Winter Spring
Spirit Basketball (Boys) Baseball
Cross Country (Boys) Basketball (Girls) Lacrosse (Boys)
Cross Country (Girls) Spirit Lacrosse (Girls)
Field Hockey Hockey Softball
Football Ski Team (Boys) Spring Track (Boys)
Golf Ski Team (Girls) Spring Track (Girls)
Soccer (Boys) Swimming (Boys & Girls) Tennis (Girls)
Soccer (Girls) Winter Track (Boys) Volleyball (Boys
Volleyball (Girls) Winter Track (Girls)

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