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Imported Belgian Chocolate
Gluten Free
No Egg or Wheat
30% Less Sugar
Pure & Natural
0 Trans Fat

Chocolate Moonshine Co. began with a passion around a simple idea ...
our fudge recipe was created over 30 years ago & has been known as America's Best Fudge since the early 80's. Our ingredients must be pure & natural. Our fudge will always be made in the small batch tradition, hand-stirred in copper kettles cooked over an open flame. This cooking method creates a wonderful sikly smooth fudge that has been recognized as America's finest.

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Assorted Chocolates - 1lb box for $27 (standard price) or 7oz box for $14

Assorted Choclates

Fudge 1lb for $23 (standard price) or 1/2 lb for $12

Sea Salt Carmel
Chocolate Walnut
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
Penuche Walnut
Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
Dark Espresso
Raspberry Truffle
Maple Walnut
Belgian Chocolate
Cotton Candy
Penuche (Dulce De Leche)

Turtles - 1lb for $29 (standard price) or 1/2 lb for $15

Cashew Turtle - White Chocolate
Cashew Turtle - Dark Chocolate
Cashew Turtle - Milk Chocolate
Pecan Turtle - Dark Chocolate
Pecan Turtle - Milk Chocolate