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Staff Directory


SAU Professional Staff

Dr. Earl Metzler Superintendent of Schools 382-6119 x2217 LinkedIn


Dr. Roxanne Wilson Assistant Superintendent of Schools 382-6119 x2222
Geoffrey Dowd CFO / Business Administrator 382-6119 x2221
Nancy Louiselle Director of Human Resources 382-6119 x2218 WEB

SAU Operations and Transportation

Thomas Geary Business Operations Coordinator 382-6119 x2250
Sandy Hodgkins Transportation Coordinator 382-6119 x2229 WEB

Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Learning

Christi Michaud Executive Director of Assessment and Accountability 382-6119 x2231
Sandra Allaire Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning 382-6119 x2228

Pupil Personnel Services

Susan Rasicot Director of Pupil Personnel Services/Special Education 382-6119 x2224
Daniel Woodworth Student Services Coordinator 382-6119 x2223

District Departments

Ken Henderson Director of Technology 382-6119 x2219
Lois Paul Technology Coordinator 382-6541 x3953
Rodney Mills District Facilities Supervisor 382-6541 x3383
John Fratiello Food Service Director 382-6541 x3352 WEB
Angelo Fantasia Athletics Director 382-6541 x3941
Anthony DiBartolomeo Music Director 382-6541 x3981
Scott Strainge Associate Principal and Director of High School Alternative/Continuing Education and Enrichment 382-6541 x3907


Timberlane Regional School District – Administrative Organizational Chart

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