TRMS / TRHS Late Bus Routes

TRMS / TRHS Late Bus Routes 2021 – 2022

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday EXCEPT EARLY RELEASE DAYS (Start Date TBD by TRHS/TRMS)

CONTACT FIRST STUDENT (603) 382-2303 FROM 6:00 AM TO 5:00 PM

Students NEED A BUS PASS obtained from office or teacher, to ride the late bus and should be ready to leave the Middle School or High School 3:45 PM. Student should let driver know where they need to get off on the route or address should be on bus pass. If student lives along the actual route the driver can make the stop. Otherwise, students should make arrangements to be picked up at designated safe areas along the route where parents can wait for them to be dropped off. Any questions or concerns call First Student 382-2303 during normal business hours or e-mail Marie Hill, Dispatcher First Student:  Email


 Sandown/Plaistow (Bus 131)
From the High/Middle Schools:

  • R Greenough,
  • L Danville Rd,
  • L Route 121A
  • Plaistow stops:
    • R Kelly Rd, L Old County Rd, R Main St
  • Stops along Main St, Sandown up to Little Mill Rd (students on Colby Rd ride Danville bus)
  • L Little Mill
  • R Hampstead Rd
  • L Route 121A (Main St)
    • (Note: R route 121A if students for library – t/a at Sandown Central and continue up Main St)
  • L Royal Range (new section just after Sargent Rd)
  • Stay right on Royal Range at stop sign;
  • Cross Main St to Reed Rd
  • Left Allen St
  • Left Heidi St
  • Left Brian St
  • Right Main St
  • (if needed to Wells Village Rd & Penacook Dr)
  • L Country Acres, T/A Hollow Oak and Retrace
  • R Route 121A
  • L North Rd,
  • R Fremont,
  • L Odell
  • R Main St and turn around at Sandown Central,
  • R Phillipswood
  • T/A at Beechwood Rd
  • R Rte 121A
  • Proceed back to bus yard in Plaistow

Danville (Bus 120) & No Main St, Plaistow
From the High/Middle Schools:

  • R Greenough Rd
  • L Danville Rd
  • L Route 121A
  • Plaistow Stops
    • All upper Main Street students for Plaistow
  • R Brown Hill Rd
  • L Route 111 (if students on for Danville Rd/Hampstead Rd)
  • R Hampstead Rd to L Main St
  • L Colby Rd up to Giordani Rd, Sandown (if students riding)
  • t/a and retrace to Kingston Rd
    • (If no students on Kingston Rd bus travels Main Street to R Pine Street L Long Pond)
  • L Long Pond
  • R Diamond Dr
  • R Far View
  • R Beach Plain
  • T/A at Brookside and retrace Beach Plain
  • R Rte 111A
  • R Back Rd
  • T/A @ Wyman’s Landing retrace Back Rd
  • R Rte 111A and T/A at Fremont town line
  • R Sandown Rd
  • T/A at Twin Bridges and retrace R Rte 111A
  • R Hersey Rd to GH Carter Dr
  • Right Boulder Dr (to Heron if student riding) retrace GH Carter
  • R Main St (can enter Walker Rd if needed and t/a)
  • L Pine St
  • T/A at Clydesdale or Crestwood Dr
  • L Main St (can enter Sweet Street if needed and t/a)
  • Proceed back to bus yard in Plaistow


Atkinson (Bus 107)
From the High/Middle Schools:

  • L on Greenough Rd
  • R East Rd
    • T/A @ Amberwood or Crown Hill or continue to L Maple Ave (if riders)
  • L Academy
  • R East Rd
  • R Bryant Woods
  • L Indian Ridge
  • R Robie Lane
  • R Main St
  • L Stage Rd
  • L Main St
  • L Meditation
  • R Sawyer to Providence Hill Rd
  • R Shannon
  • R West Side Dr
  • L Island Pond
  • Cross Rte 111 to West Rd
  • T/A at Hemlock Heights and retrace R Rte 111
    • (Enter Lakeside Dr to Snug Harbor if student is riding – t/a in cul-de-sac)
  • Rte 111 to L Conley Rd
  • L Hall Farm Rd
  • R Rte 111
  • R Island Pond Rd
  • R Main St
  • Proceed back to bus yard in Plaistow


Plaistow (Bus 104)
From the High/Middle Schools:

  • R Greenough Rd
  • L Danville Rd
  • R Route 121A
    • If student on for Shady or Walton (make loop)
  • L Route 125
    • Stop at YMCA if needed
  • R Old County Rd
  • R Kingston
  • L Hale Spring
  • Straight onto Sweet Hill Rd
  • L Route 108-Newton Rd
  • T/A @ town line plaza
  • Retrace Route 108-Newton Rd – to other end if students riding
  • R Forrest
    • If riders on for lower Pollard Rd – Right Congressional, Left Pollard Rd
  • L Main St (if students riding)
  • R Chandler
  • R Garden
  • R West Pine St
  • L Main St up to American Legion if students riding
    • T/A @ Legion Parking Lot retrace Route 121A (Main St)
  • R Westville Rd
  • R on Route 125, Proceed back to the bus yard in Plaistow

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