TRSD Facilities Department

Karl Ingoldsby, Director of Plant Operations – (603) 382-6541 x3350

Sarah Vaira, Facilities Supervisor – (603) 382-6541 x3983

Alan Perry, Grounds Supervisor – (603) 382-6541 x3355

Request for Use of Timberlane Regional School District Facilities

Thank you for your patience.  As of July 2023, the district is using OperationsHero to facilitate work order REQUESTS and for facility EVENT requests for use of fields, cafeterias, libraries, classrooms, gymnasiums, fundraisers, meetings etc.

Please note:

  • All Applications for Use of School Facilities (Facilities Requests) are reviewed by the building’s administration (indoor and outdoor).
  • Facilities request approval is required for all events requiring custodial, maintenance, equipment, space and other school resources.
  • Requests for use of fields or gymnasiums on main campus (high school and middle school) are also reviewed by the Athletic Director.
  • Please submit a Certificate of Insurance as required for groups outside of the school. (email to Email)
  • Licenses may be required for vendors or other visitors.
  • Fees may apply and will be invoiced in accordance with TRSB policies KF and KF-R.
  • Please refer to the Timberlane Regional School Board Policies for more information.

For Internal Requesters (Staff that have email addresses)

For External Requesters (COMMUNITY/PUBLIC that do not have email):

For assistance with requesting use of facilities, please contact your building administration directly:

  • SAU 106, Kelly Salovitch, Email
  • High School, Patricia Mangini, Email
  • Middle School, Tracy Antczak, Email
  • Performing Arts Center, Lynn Mastorakos, Email
  • Athletic Fields and Grounds, Jessica Soucy, Email
  • Pollard Elementary, Anna Gentile, Email
  • Atkinson Academy, Stacey Collins, Email
  • Sandown Central TLC, Heather Sweet, Email
  • Sandown North Elementary, Erin Hallisey, Email
  • Danville Elementary, Christine Dube, Email

For assistance with facilities requests, please contact the school’s main office. 

For assistance with athletic requests including field or Gymnasium use across the district, please call the Athletic Office at 603-382-6541 x3940.

RFP | Requests for Proposals

TRSD Facilities Department maintains the following facilities/ departments throughout Timberlane Regional School District.

Upcoming Events

Events on May 7, 2024
Curriculum & Assessment Committee Meeting
Starts: 4:00 pm
Location: SAU Boardroom
Events on May 16, 2024
School Board Meeting
Starts: 7:00 pm
Location: SAU Boardroom
Events on June 6, 2024
Policy Committee Meeting
Starts: 5:00 pm
Location: 30 Greenough Rd, Plaistow, NH 03865, USA