TRSD Chromebook Information and Troubleshooting

Introductory Chromebook Tips

  • You must login to your Chromebook using your TRSD Google account and password. It will then automatically connect you to all your Google files and apps. Your personal Google account will not work on school-managed Chromebooks.
  • If your Chromebook has a handle it is recommended that you use this handle to carry the device. If there is not a handle the device should be closed and carried using two hands.
  • A right click is accomplished by hitting the trackpad with two fingers at once or using “alt” + click.
  • You should shut down and reboot your Chromebook at least once a week – that brings down updates.

Configuring your Chromebook to work on your home Wi-Fi network – Click Here for instructions

TRSD Chromebook Initial Instructions

  1. Start up your Chromebook – Your Chromebook starts up in about 5 seconds. To turn it on, simply open the lid. If it does not turn on, press the power button for a few seconds.
  2. Sign in with your Timberlane Google Account: Click on + Add person (bottom left side of the screen). In the sign-in box, enter your TRSD Google Account username and password and click Sign in.
    School Google Email:
    School Password:  passwordabc        Example: 76390abc
  3. Choose a picture or take a picture of yourself. This picture will be on this device (only) every time you open the Chromebook.  After your initial sign-in, you will only have to put your password in under your picture.
  4. Start browsing – Click on the Chrome Browser icon.   Once you sign in, you’re instantly on the Web and automatically signed into Google services with access to your Chrome bookmarks, settings, apps, and extensions. To get started, type a website or a search query.
  5. Get to know your Chromebook – For more information on how to master the Chromebook Essentials, visit the online Getting Started guide. Just type in the following URL and click a topic to see more information:
  6. Log out – When you’re ready to shut down, choose Sign out in the popup box from the bottom right corner and then Shutdown on far left – or hold the power key down for a few seconds.

 Chromebook Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

TRSD Student Chromebook Issues FAQ’s – Click here for fixes for many Chromebook related issues.

Home Wi-Fi and Internet Information and Tips – Information on your home Wi-Fi and Internet and troubleshooting tips.

Additional Chromebook Learning Resources