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Social Media Guidelines for Faculty

2018-19  Grants for Education   

K-12 Grants Central is an educator’s resource to simplify the grant application process and improve the success of obtaining grants for their districts. The content includes a monthly update on tips for creating and submitting grant applications, links to educational grant offerings and useful online grant creation tools. An interactive calendar includes upcoming grant deadlines

A List of More Than 30 Useful Digital Citizenship Resources

by  | Sep 6, 2017


Digital Learning Media Literacy, Digital Literacy, and Digital            Citizenship

Timberlane Tech Talk website

A resource by the TRSD Technology Integrators for staff. Resources and information on how to use the technology we have at TRSD.

Teacher Toolbox

A list of tools we recommend that teachers know and figure out what they can use to enhance their classroom.


NoodleTools is the citation software now used by TRMS and TRHS (replacing EasyBib).Sign in to your GSuite account and click on the 9 dots.  scroll down and click more until you see the icon for Noodle Tools.  NoodleTools Quick Guide for Teachers.  


TeachPoint is the application now used for Professional Development tracking and Evaluations. All training resources are available within the software by clicking on the “?” and the notebook icon at the top right of any screen. TeachPoint Login link. The district is: “Timberlane” (not case sensitive), Username is: Firstname.Lastname (case sensitive), and then your password (case sensitive). Contact your evaluator if you have trouble logging in or need corrections on the evaluator list

Addressing Cheating in G Suite for Education  

Eric Curtin (Control Alt Delete Blogger) recently recorded a one-hour webinar on this topic. In the video training, He explains cheating as well as possible options to help address the issue. These include non-technology options, as well as technology tools and resources that can help prevent or investigate cheating.