TRHS Graduation Ceremony Information

July 13, 2020


  1. On graduation day, the campus will open at 2:30pm. Graduation is scheduled to begin at 4:00.  Please approach campus from the WEST END of Greenough Road (Atkinson/Linebrook from East Rd) Cars will enter the through the Middle School Exit Area only.
  2. Only cars with one graduate and two guests will be allowed on campus. Cars with more than two guests or cars with no graduates will not be allowed on campus.   All three participants must be in the car at the time of entry.  If a graduate arrives alone, they will be given the option to retrieve their guests and return, or will be moved to the temperature testing area. Their guests will not be permitted to enter without the graduate.
  3. We understand that extended family members will want to attend, but we are under strict health and safety guidelines and can only allow two family members at this time.  If a family has two graduates, the limit is still two guests.  The event will be livestreamed so family members will be able to watch the event.
  4. We apologize in advance for having to employ such strict guidelines, especially to parents with unique family circumstances.  As we are limiting entry to two guests with a ticket and a graduate in each vehicle, we are unable to accommodate any special requests for additional guardians, family members, step-parents or siblings, or parents who arrive an another vehicle without a graduate or a ticket.  We ask that you please understand that we must operate in a different manner this year in order to even hold this ceremony for our students.
  5. Cars will then be directed to a temperature check station.  Each car must present two tickets at this time. IF you do not have tickets, you will not be allowed into the event.  Each vehicle must have three completed and signed Covid-19 Questionnaire Forms that will be distributed via the school website prior to graduation day. They will be collected at this time.  We will have blank Questionnaire forms available, but it will delay your entry.  If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or more you will not be allowed to enter the event.
  6. Should any guest or graduate in any vehicle show or document symptoms of illness such as a fever, shortness of breath or flu-like symptoms, medical treatment will be suggested by our medical staff and ALL members of the vehicle will be asked to leave the campus at that time. We suggest if you are feeling sick, please do not plan to attend this event.
  7. All participants will be required to wear a mask. We suggest you bring your own, but we will have extra disposable masks available.
  8. Once all temperatures have been checked and the vehicle been cleared for entry you will be given a GREEN tag for each car.  At this point, once the student has been cleared, they will exit the vehicle and assemble on the sidewalk behind the school.  Vehicles will then be directed to the front of the buildings for parking.  Please follow all parking lot attendant’s instructions for where to park.  Please make note of your parking space number and zone and send a text message to your student.  Please be sure to have your GREEN tag with you.
  9. Please remain in your vehicle until you are asked to enter the stadium.  Once you are directed to exit your vehicle, please move in pairs, six feet apart from other pairs.  Please wear your mask.  At the gate to the stadium, you will need to show your Tickets and Green Tag.  If you do not have your tickets or green tag, you will be denied entry into the stadium.
  10. Upon entry, you will be escorted to your seats on the field.  Parents/Guardians will be sitting on the field in rows behind the students.  The students will enter in a processional march after all guests have been seated.
  11. At the end of the ceremony. Each row will be dismissed in order.  Please do not exit the stadium until your row is dismissed.  Move directly to your vehicles for departure.  Please keep your mask on until you return to your vehicle and practice social distancing along the way.
  12. Once you have reunited with your graduate at your vehicle, we ask that you exit the campus.  CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!

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