A Message from the Principal – Grading

August 30, 2013

Dear Parent,

We opened the doors of TRMS on Wednesday, August 28th and welcomed another wonderful group of middle school students.  We are excited to begin the learning and growing quest again this year with your student.  Each year we strive to provide all of our students with an age-appropriate environment, always conscious of the unique challenges of young adolescence.

TRMS students will be issued report cards four times during the year.  These reports will provide parents with a letter grade based on the average of the summative assessments their student has taken within each learning standard.  The letter grades will be computed using a 100% scale, the same number system that the high school uses.  Also, when report cards come out, parents can access grade-level standards and student achievement in those standards through an online portal.  Details on how to access this portal will be available soon:  see the TRMS website for updates.

In order to make honor roll, students will need to have no grade lower that an A- for honors with distinction, and none lower than a B- for honor roll.  Students also need to achieve 3’s and 4’s on a four point rubric in each area of student professionalism (Homework/Practice, Participation/Engagement and Citizenship) in each class to qualify for honor roll. Student professionalism will be listed in the online portal rather than on the report card sent home.

This year the TRMS faculty adopted the same re-learning contract for students who need a chance to relearn curriculum and to retake a summative assessment.  Our goal is to help students demonstrate that they have mastered the standards taught and that the relearning and re-assessment is done in a timely manner.

We anticipate a great year and are always happy to answer your questions.


Michael Hogan, Principal