TRMS After School Activities

September 25, 2013

After-School Activities

September 2013                                     *Sign-Up Limited Space




 Math Club

Advisor: Ms. Scruton

Room: 1113

Starts: Sept. 10th


Duct Tape Club

Advisor: Ms. Day

Room: 1112

Starts: Sept. 11th

Pet Video and Scrapbooking Club

Advisor: Ms. Weiner

Room: Library

Starts: Sept. 12th


Advisor: Mr. Ficek

Room: 1109

Starts: Sept. 10th

Creative Writing

Advisor: Ms. Boyle-Steed

Room: 1217

Starts: Sept. 11th

Computer Club

Advisor: Mrs. Liss

Room: 1500

Starts: Sept. 12th

  Video Production

Advisor: Mr. Zanello

Room: Library

Starts: Sept. 18th

  Fantasy Football

Advisor: Ms. Paradis


Starts: Sept. 18th

  *Babysitting Club

Advisor: Ms. Mulhall

Room: 1109

Starts: Oct. 2nd


After-School Activity Description

Babysitting Club – Come learn about safety and emergency procedures for when you are babysitting, as well as learn play activities to engage young children.  This is a 4 week long course that is limited to the first 15 participants.  Sign-ups are in room 1113 with Mrs. Freligh.

Duct Tape Art – Bring your creative ability to create projects from duct tape.  Please bring your own duct tape to create your projects.  See Ms. Day if you have any questions.

CHILL Club – Come after–school to CHILL club to say a place to go on the Computers, Hang out with peers, play with your I-phones, build some Legos and have some Laughs.  The club will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 12th.

Computer Club – Come work with the following programs: Alice/Scratch, 3D drawings with Sketchup, Pivot animation, create movies, homework, computer games create or play, and recycle art with computer parts.

Creative Writing – The Creative Writing Club is open to any 7th or 8th grader who loves to write and never seems to have enough time to do it. In this club you will have the advantage of being with other writers who will inspire, motivate, and support your talent as a writer.

Math Club – Do you like math? Are you looking for a challenge? Come solve problems with other mathematicians.  Drop-in Ms. Scruton is looking forward to seeing you.

Pet Video and Scrapbook Club – If you are a fan of pets or animals this is the club for you. We will share funny animal videos and/or work on scrapbooking about pets you have or want to have in the future.

Video Production – Video Production Club meets once a week during the school year. Students will explore the different aspects of digital video production including but not limited to: story and script writing, storyboarding, directing, and post-production editing. Students will also be responsible for creating a monthly video special. Productions created by the club will be considered for broadcast on the Timberlane Education Network (TEN) Channel 6/22 and


All clubs begin after-school and end at 3:30pm.  Students are allowed to take the late bus home after the club. Clubs will be changed and added throughout the school year.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Freligh at