Congratulations to Pollard School 5th grader Olivia Triani!

November 17, 2020

Olivia Triani, Pollard 5th Grader, will sit on the 2021 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor Executive Council. First, she won her school’s Primary and was sent on to the Statewide Kid Governor Election. Olivia was then chosen as one of the top 7 candidates in the state of New Hampshire.  In early November, 5th graders across the state of NH evaluated the online campaign videos of the final 7 candidates and cast their votes for the student and platform that they supported. Olivia ran on a platform of Student Equity – during the pandemic. The student receiving the most votes will now serve a one-year term of leadership and advocacy, working to fulfill their campaign platform and mobilize students to take action and make a difference on the winning campaign issue. Olivia did well in the election and will now be part of the New Hampshire’s Kid Executive Council, and will spend the year carrying out her own platform and supporting the elected NHKG. To learn more about her platform watch her campaign video at:

To learn more about the NH Kid Governor program visit their web page: