Pollard School News

Core Values:
Respect, Responsibility, and Safety

School Motto:
What you do today makes a difference tomorrow.


Pollard School’s vision is for each student to collaboratively engage in the learning process with a sense of respect and responsibility, understanding they are a valuable part of the community. With passion, courage, motivation and self-direction they will make a difference in the world.


Pollard School’s mission is to instill in every student a sense of their own personal value and self-worth; to foster independence, encourage risk taking and self-motivation. The Pollard community will collaboratively and passionately engage in the learning process. We will accomplish this through the development of appropriate differentiated instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. It is our hope that each student will leave Pollard with a sense of respect and responsibility and an understanding that they are lifelong learners who add value to their community and make a difference in the world.

Upcoming Events

Events on November 3, 2020
Professional Development/Election Day (No School for Students)
Curriculum & Assessment Committee Meeting
Starts: 4:00 pm
Ends:5:30 pm
Location: Zoom Webinar
Events on November 4, 2020
CIP Committee Meeting
Starts: 7:00 pm
Ends:9:00 pm
Location: Zoom Webinar