Principal’s News – January 2018

December 27, 2017

As we welcome 2018, I can reflect on the great fall we had at Sandown Central in 2017. The staff worked together academically as well as socially to yield great results for our school building and community. From our focus on literacy and phonics, to our great times on Halloween and for the Polar Express, I am so proud of our team and students. We true have a community of learning.

This month, I will be working with the Kindergarten class assessing them through the Tripod Project survey. This survey is one the district has been invested in for the previous four years. Our students will be doing a paper copy whereas the older classes (3rd grade and up) will be completing it online. The questions will capture trends in our schools in the areas of academics and school experiences related to the 7 C’s: Care, Clarify, Challenge, Captivate, Classroom, Confer, and Consolidating. Parents/Guardians are welcome to opt their child out of the survey. If you so wish, please contact your child’s teacher or me.

In addition, this month district employees will be visiting our school to participate in Instructional Rounds. Instructional Rounds is when trained district employees visit classrooms to assess how we are doing in a particular area of focus. Our focus here at TLC is going to be “Challenge”. We are looking for feedback to insure we are challenging our students by asking higher-level questions and fostering critical thinking skills. I will share more information shortly after our visit.

Thank you for your continued support and investment in our school. I truly am amazed at the dedication of our teachers and staff and am honored to be part of this great team.

Warm wishes in this 2018 year,

Principal Jen Marino