SC Community Notes from Nurses

May 20, 2020

Hello Timberlane School Community,

During this difficult time, we would like to remind you that the Timberlane District School Nurses are here to support you. We understand the uncertainty and challenges that are facing many families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We just wanted to share some resources that we as nurses have felt to be extremely helpful during this time. With assistance from the New Hampshire School Nurses Association, we have collected the following resources below. Please remember that this pandemic is ever changing and the most recent information will be located on the NH Department of Health and Human Services or the CDC website.

Prevention methods:

● Stay home, except to shop for food, medical supplies, or if you are an essential employee

● Social distancing- maintaining a distance of 6-8 feet from any person outside of your home

● Use cloth masks when unable to stay 6 feet away from others (ie: grocery store)

● Cleaning of surfaces, including counters, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, railings.

● Handwashing – with soap and warm water for 20 seconds, frequently, but particularly when you arrive home, before you eat, and after using the bathroom.

● Use Hand sanitizer

● Keep hands off your face

Please observe the following guidelines from NHDHHS:

Self-Quarantine: is for people who are NOT symptomatic (not sick) but who have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 OR, had contact with a person with COVID-19 symptoms. People who have traveled to any of the high-risk areas domestically or internationally within the last two weeks should also self-quarantine.

● Stay home and out of the public for 14 days after your last contact with the person who has assumed COVID-19 infection, or since your last day of travel. If you do not develop symptoms, it is fine to return to social distancing after 14 days.

● If you develop symptoms of fever, dry cough, congestion, GI upset, self-isolate and contact your health care provider.

Self-Isolation: If you think you have COVID-19 infection (you have symptoms), you should self-isolate at home. Most symptoms are mild and can spread out over a 12-day period. If symptoms worsen: increasing fever, cough and shortness of breath, call your health care provider immediately, or 911 if severe.

● Stay home

● Let your physician know you are ill and are self-isolating

● Keep away from other people in the house as much as possible, at least 6-8 feet apart

● Use a separate bathroom if possible. Disinfect surfaces touched such as doorknobs, light switches, railings, toilet handle.

● If possible, stay in a separate room from others.

● Continue to practice general hygiene measures such as covering cough and sneeze. Washing hands and using hand sanitizer.

If you or a family member do have symptoms, call your health care provider. If you or a family member is without a primary care provider you may contact ConvenientMD through: or by calling (833) 263-0131.

Below are useful links to share with your families, as resources for COVID-19 information.

How to prepare for possible illness

Symptoms to watch for

NH DHHS Hotline with COVID_19 questions

What to do if you are sick with COVID-19

Managing stress and anxiety around Covid-19

Talking with Children about COVID 19

More information from NH DHH

In closing, we would like to thank you for your support of the community during the pandemic and for following the recommended COVID-19 protective health behaviors outlined by the CDC and reiterated in this letter. The best way to reach the district nurses is via email or reaching out to your school principal to relay there is a need. Please stay healthy by using the recommended protective behaviors, eating nutritiously, participating in regular physical exercise and promoting emotional well-being.

Please know that we are thinking of all our students and families. We are committed to caring for the Timberlane community now and when we return. We are sending positive thoughts to our fellow nurses, healthcare providers and first responders.


TRSD School Nurses

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