Photo of Steve Harrises

Steve Harrises


Photo of Sarah Galligher

Sarah Galligher

Assistant Principal / Curriculum Coordinator

Photo of Kim Rivers

Kim Rivers

Early Childhood Coordinator

Photo of Amy Dailey

Amy Dailey

Elementary Sped Coordinator

Photo of Lisa Ambrosio

Lisa Ambrosio

Administrative Assistant/Attendance

Photo of Stacey Collins

Stacey Collins

Executive Administrative Assisant

Photo of Laura Dolloff

Laura Dolloff


Photo of Barbara Gallant

Barbara Gallant

School Counselor

Photo of Jennifer Toth

Jennifer Toth

Librarian / Media Generalist

Photo of Debbie Pierce

Debbie Pierce

Library Assistant

Photo of Kristina Barton

Kristina Barton

Speech and Language Assistant

Photo of Melissa Finneran

Melissa Finneran

ESL Teacher

Photo of Darlene Gustavson

Darlene Gustavson


Photo of Kayla Jones

Kayla Jones

Special Education

Photo of Roberta Monroe

Roberta Monroe


Photo of Melissa Oakley

Melissa Oakley

Special Education

Photo of Julia Plummer

Julia Plummer

Special Education

Photo of Deborah Simard-Hill

Deborah Simard-Hill

Speech/Language Pathologist

Photo of Kim White

Kim White

Physical Therapist

Photo of Tina Wood

Tina Wood

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Julie Manfrate

Julie Manfrate

Pre-K Teacher

Photo of Kyra Butts

Kyra Butts

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Susan Donnelly

Susan Donnelly

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Deborah Murphy

Deborah Murphy

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Stephanie Riese

Stephanie Riese

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Nicole Bailey

Nicole Bailey

First Grade Teacher

Photo of Alyssa Grant

Alyssa Grant

First Grade Teacher

Photo of Susan McColley

Susan McColley

First Grade Teacher

Photo of Jennifer Koener

Jennifer Koener

Second Grade Teacher

Photo of Shelley Michaud

Shelley Michaud

Second Grade Teacher

Photo of Leanne Perron

Leanne Perron

Second Grade Teacher

Photo of Karen Bresnahan

Karen Bresnahan

Third Grade Teacher

Photo of Lynne Ouellette

Lynne Ouellette

Third Grade Teacher

Photo of Nicole Shawley

Nicole Shawley

Third Grade Teacher

Photo of Mikella Eichen

Mikella Eichen

Fourth Grade Teacher

Photo of Jane Stewart

Jane Stewart

Fourth Grade Teacher

Photo of Carly Weinand

Carly Weinand

Fourth Grade Teacher

Photo of Nicole Habib

Nicole Habib

Fifth Grade Teacher

Photo of Erin Lozowski

Erin Lozowski

Fifth Grade Teacher

Photo of Eric Swanson

Eric Swanson

Fifth Grade Teacher

Photo of Meredith Bastien

Meredith Bastien

ELA Instructional Coach

Photo of Amy Difeo

Amy Difeo

ELA Instructional Coach

Photo of Pam Dulong

Pam Dulong

Teacher – Enrichment

Photo of Jessica Marrone

Jessica Marrone

ELA Instructional Coach

Photo of Sue Tozier

Sue Tozier

ELA Instructional Coach

Photo of Pam Dolan-Alexander

Pam Dolan-Alexander

Teacher – Art

Photo of Kimberly Capel

Kimberly Capel

Teacher – Computers / Technology

Photo of Jeff Goddard

Jeff Goddard

Teacher – Physical Education / Gym

Photo of Jessica Helie

Jessica Helie

Teacher – Music / Stringed Instruments

Photo of Shannon Allen

Shannon Allen


Photo of Kathleen Altomare

Kathleen Altomare


Photo of Carolyn Atwood

Carolyn Atwood


Photo of Meagan Bourdelais

Meagan Bourdelais


Photo of Lori Dawidowicz

Lori Dawidowicz


Photo of Barbara Fleno

Barbara Fleno


Photo of Linda Hakimi

Linda Hakimi


Photo of Ellen Keefe

Ellen Keefe


Photo of Denise Lufkin

Denise Lufkin


Photo of Elizabeth McAbee

Elizabeth McAbee


Photo of Michelle Moulton

Michelle Moulton


Photo of Katy Pickering

Katy Pickering


Photo of Paula Polito

Paula Polito


Photo of Christine Rossi

Christine Rossi


Photo of Linda Siemering

Linda Siemering


Photo of Candice Tremblay

Candice Tremblay


Photo of Phyllis Unger

Phyllis Unger


Photo of Mayra Maldonado

Mayra Maldonado

District Food Service Director / Whitsons

Photo of Amy Montebianchi

Amy Montebianchi

Atkinson Academy Food Service Manager

Photo of Colleen Caraccio

Colleen Caraccio

Food Service

Photo of Carleen Smith

Carleen Smith

Food Service

Photo of Karl Ingoldsby

Karl Ingoldsby

Director of Plant Operations

Photo of Sarah Vaira

Sarah Vaira

Facilities Supervisor

Photo of Alan Perry

Alan Perry

Grounds Supervisor

Photo of Vinny Garofalo

Vinny Garofalo


Photo of Gail Murphy

Gail Murphy


Photo of Brenda Roberts

Brenda Roberts


Photo of Jade Tragiou

Jade Tragiou


Photo of Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson

District Technology Director

Photo of Kevin Peck

Kevin Peck

District Senior Tech Specialist / Network Admin

Photo of Dean Zanello

Dean Zanello

District Senior Tech Specialist / AV, Webmaster

Photo of Christina Hubley

Christina Hubley

District Technology Integrator / Distance Learning

Photo of Brandyn Tse

Brandyn Tse

Technology Specialist