Photo of Christopher Kellan

Christopher Kellan

Superintendent of Schools

Photo of Justin Krieger

Justin Krieger

Assistant Superintendent

Photo of Kelly Salovitch

Kelly Salovitch

Chief Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools

Photo of Sandra Allaire

Sandra Allaire

Executive Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning

Photo of Fran Decinto

Fran Decinto

Director of Human Resources

Photo of Maria Watkins

Maria Watkins

Business Administrator/CFO

Photo of Mark Pedersen

Mark Pedersen

Director of Secondary Education

Photo of Lucy Canotas

Lucy Canotas

Director of Elementary Education

Photo of Kelley Brooks

Kelley Brooks

Director of Special Education

Photo of Ginger Drechsel

Ginger Drechsel

Director of Student Services and Title IX Coordinator

Photo of Terri Demaine

Terri Demaine

Out of District Coordinator

Photo of Cathleen Lonergan

Cathleen Lonergan

Out of District Corrdinator

Photo of Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson

Director of Technology

Photo of Karl Ingoldsby

Karl Ingoldsby

Director of Plant Operations

Photo of Angelo Fantasia

Angelo Fantasia

Athletics Director

Photo of Kurt Schweiss

Kurt Schweiss

Director of Music

Photo of Mayra Maldonado

Mayra Maldonado

Food Service Director

Photo of Matthew Rose

Matthew Rose

Payroll Coordinator

Photo of Lisa Oliver

Lisa Oliver

Assistant Business Administrator

Photo of Kathy Linton

Kathy Linton

Lead Human Resources Generalist

Photo of Patricia Macomber

Patricia Macomber

Accounts Payable Analyst

Photo of Heather Greenfield

Heather Greenfield

Administrative Assistant – Human Resources

Photo of Deborah Husson

Deborah Husson

Human Resources Coordinator

Photo of Mitchell Mencis

Mitchell Mencis


Photo of Timothy Guanci

Timothy Guanci

Assistant Principal, Grade 7

Photo of Marilyn Hutnick

Marilyn Hutnick

Assistant Principal, Grade 8

Photo of Daniel Woodworth

Daniel Woodworth

Assistant Principal, Grade 6

Photo of Dawn Roberson

Dawn Roberson

Special Education Coordinator 6-8

Photo of Mark Pedersen

Mark Pedersen

Director of Secondary Education

Photo of Jennifer Puchlopek

Jennifer Puchlopek

Secondary Curriculum Coordinator

Photo of Tracy Antczak

Tracy Antczak

Executive Administrative Assistant

Photo of Dianna Elwell

Dianna Elwell

Senior Administrative Assistant

Photo of Laura Lipfert

Laura Lipfert

Receptionist/Secretary, Notary

Photo of Deirdre Paradis

Deirdre Paradis


Photo of Susan Smith

Susan Smith

Administrative Assistant – Special Education

Photo of Calley Bortz

Calley Bortz

School Resource Officer

Photo of Christine Collins

Christine Collins


Photo of Madelyn Prokopovich

Madelyn Prokopovich


Photo of Kelly Sirois

Kelly Sirois


Photo of Karin Casey

Karin Casey

Health Office Administrative Assistant

Photo of Diane Harrington

Diane Harrington

Registrar/Administrative Assistant – School Counseling

Photo of Karen Chiarella

Karen Chiarella

Social Worker

Photo of Erin Foster

Erin Foster


Photo of Robyn Mahoney

Robyn Mahoney

School Counselor / Grade 8

Photo of Lisa Petry

Lisa Petry

School Counselor / Grade 6

Photo of Kristen Roy

Kristen Roy

School Counselor / Grade 7

Photo of Kelley Binette

Kelley Binette

Student Assistance Counselor

Photo of Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis

Library – Media Specialist

Photo of Audrey Grew

Audrey Grew

Library Assistant

Photo of Jessica Therrien

Jessica Therrien

Library Assistant

Photo of Abigail Casey

Abigail Casey

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Ana Bars

Ana Bars


Photo of Lauren Beliveau

Lauren Beliveau

Language Arts

Photo of Diane Gagnon

Diane Gagnon


Photo of Abby Legere

Abby Legere

Social Studies

Photo of Ray Moore

Ray Moore

Social Studies

Photo of Kathryn Morris

Kathryn Morris


Photo of Erin Nielsen

Erin Nielsen


Photo of Laurie Runions

Laurie Runions

Language Arts

Photo of Laura Shute

Laura Shute

Language Arts

Photo of Joshua Silveira

Joshua Silveira

Social Studies

Photo of Michelle Trainor

Michelle Trainor


Photo of Alexis Vengren

Alexis Vengren


Photo of Andrew Wade

Andrew Wade

Social Studies

Photo of Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson

Language Arts

Photo of Terri Costa

Terri Costa


Photo of James Dionne

James Dionne

Social Studies

Photo of Allison Hutchings

Allison Hutchings

Language Arts

Photo of Lauren LeBlanc

Lauren LeBlanc

Language Arts

Photo of Stacey Leonard

Stacey Leonard


Photo of Erica McCluskey

Erica McCluskey


Photo of Megan Melendy

Megan Melendy


Photo of Christine Paradis

Christine Paradis

Social Studies

Photo of Barbara Welch

Barbara Welch


Photo of Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams


Photo of Brian Attardo

Brian Attardo

Social Studies

Photo of Elaine Binette

Elaine Binette

Language Arts

Photo of Donna Boretti

Donna Boretti

Language Arts

Photo of Jennifer Cantelli

Jennifer Cantelli

Language Arts

Photo of Rena Caron

Rena Caron


Photo of Corey Dionne

Corey Dionne


Photo of LeeAnne Hatch

LeeAnne Hatch

Social Studies

Photo of Angela Kinson

Angela Kinson


Photo of Catherine Lindblad

Catherine Lindblad


Photo of Jenn Penn

Jenn Penn


Photo of Jeffrey Runions

Jeffrey Runions


Photo of Darlene Schmidt

Darlene Schmidt

Social Studies

Photo of Jamie Blanchette

Jamie Blanchette

Math Enrichment

Photo of Ashlee Sarnie

Ashlee Sarnie

ELA Enrichment

Photo of Kate Harb

Kate Harb


Photo of Lee Middlekauff

Lee Middlekauff


Photo of Collin deFriesse

Collin deFriesse

Technology Education

Photo of Gena Richards

Gena Richards

Technology Education

Photo of Shelby Iacozzi

Shelby Iacozzi


Photo of Carol Liss

Carol Liss


Photo of Sarah Chooljian

Sarah Chooljian

Family & Consumer Sciences

Photo of Stacey Mulhall

Stacey Mulhall

Family & Consumer Sciences

Photo of Angelo Fantasia

Angelo Fantasia

Director of Athletics

Photo of Philip Balanoff

Philip Balanoff

Physical Education/Health

Photo of Kaitlyn Brown

Kaitlyn Brown

Physical Education / Health

Photo of M.L. O’Sullivan

M.L. O’Sullivan

Physical Education/Health

Photo of Jeff Petry

Jeff Petry

Physical Education/Health

Photo of Christopher Wiedenfeld

Christopher Wiedenfeld

Physical Education/Health

Photo of Kurt Schweiss

Kurt Schweiss

Director of Music and PAC

Photo of Ken Clark

Ken Clark

Teacher – Music

Photo of Robert Finch

Robert Finch

Teacher – Music

Photo of Jeremy Hachten

Jeremy Hachten

Teacher – Music

Photo of Jeremy Hachten

Jeremy Hachten


Photo of Susan Howard

Susan Howard


Photo of Daniel Lorenz

Daniel Lorenz

Teacher – Music

Photo of Samuel Lyons

Samuel Lyons

Teacher – Music

Photo of Jenn Escobar

Jenn Escobar

World Language / Spanish

Photo of Coral Hampe

Coral Hampe

World Language / Spanish

Photo of Kathleen McGuirk

Kathleen McGuirk

World Language / French

Photo of Allison Angle

Allison Angle


Photo of Helen Blanchard

Helen Blanchard

Special Education / Reading

Photo of Travis Burnham

Travis Burnham

Special Education

Photo of Amanda Cassidy

Amanda Cassidy

Special Education

Photo of Robyn Ficek

Robyn Ficek

Special Education

Photo of Julie Hazelton

Julie Hazelton

Special Education

Photo of Elizabeth Hendershot

Elizabeth Hendershot

Special Education

Photo of Maria Latham

Maria Latham

Physical Therapist

Photo of Erika Mahon

Erika Mahon


Photo of Nicole McCarthy

Nicole McCarthy

Special Education

Photo of Abigail Metcalf

Abigail Metcalf

Speech / Language

Photo of Danielle Morrison

Danielle Morrison

Special Education

Photo of Jennifer Najjar

Jennifer Najjar

Adjustment Coordinator

Photo of Jenna Richards

Jenna Richards

Special Education

Photo of Elise Solloway

Elise Solloway

Literacy Specialist

Photo of Adam Sullivan

Adam Sullivan

Special Education

Photo of Breanna Suther

Breanna Suther



Occupational Therapist

Photo of Ashley Wheeler

Ashley Wheeler

Special Education

Photo of Dawn Williams

Dawn Williams

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Photo of Alyce Zepf

Alyce Zepf

Special Education

Photo of Maria Latham

Maria Latham

District Team

Photo of Melissa Morrow

Melissa Morrow

District Team

Photo of Kelsey Bales

Kelsey Bales


Photo of Bradey Bonnell

Bradey Bonnell


Photo of Lisa Cartwright

Lisa Cartwright


Photo of Anne DeBesche

Anne DeBesche


Photo of Cynthia Ellis

Cynthia Ellis


Photo of Beverly Kasiecki

Beverly Kasiecki


Photo of Bianca Labbe

Bianca Labbe


Photo of Sheila Lemiuex

Sheila Lemiuex

Paraprofessional / Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA)

Photo of Amy Marcotte

Amy Marcotte


Photo of Stacey O’Connor

Stacey O’Connor


Photo of Jack Paone

Jack Paone


Photo of Amy Stevens

Amy Stevens


Photo of Cory Surette

Cory Surette

Special Education

Photo of Amy Whiteside

Amy Whiteside


Photo of Michael Willett

Michael Willett


Photo of Mayra Maldonado

Mayra Maldonado

District Food Service Director / Whitsons

Photo of Thomas Begani

Thomas Begani

TRHS Food Service Asst Director

Photo of Amanda Emerson

Amanda Emerson

Food Service Manager

Photo of Michelle Kontos

Michelle Kontos

Sandown North Food Service Manager

Photo of Amy Montebianchi

Amy Montebianchi

Atkinson Academy Food Service Manager

Photo of Deborah Rose

Deborah Rose

Sandown North Food Service Manager

Photo of Stacy Tessier

Stacy Tessier

TRHS Food Service Manager

Photo of Tammy Freeman

Tammy Freeman

TRMS Food Service

Photo of Donna Krauss

Donna Krauss

TRMS Food Service

Photo of Danielle Mathouse

Danielle Mathouse

TRMS Food Service

Photo of Ellie West

Ellie West

TRMS Food Service

Photo of Karl Ingoldsby

Karl Ingoldsby

Director of Plant Operations

Photo of Sarah Vaira

Sarah Vaira

Facilities Supervisor

Photo of Alan Perry

Alan Perry

Grounds Supervisor

Photo of Kevin Bartose

Kevin Bartose


Photo of Blake Cloonan

Blake Cloonan

Maintenance Mechanic

Photo of Glenn Fowler

Glenn Fowler


Photo of Dominick Perkins

Dominick Perkins

Maintenance Technician

Photo of Steven Paradis

Steven Paradis


Photo of Eric Bragg

Eric Bragg

TRHS Lead Custodian

Jean Dodier

Danville School Head Custodian

Photo of John Heffernan

John Heffernan

Pollard School Head Custodian

Photo of Zig Paszko

Zig Paszko

Sandown North Head Custodian

Photo of Jim Rivers

Jim Rivers

TRMS Head Custodian

Photo of Bob Stilson

Bob Stilson

TLC Sandown Custodian-Lead

Photo of Scott Legros

Scott Legros

TRMS Custodian

Photo of Phylicia Lucas

Phylicia Lucas

TRMS Custodian

Photo of Xavier Montanez

Xavier Montanez

TRMS Custodian

Photo of Mirian Reyes

Mirian Reyes

TRMS Custodian

Photo of Joseph Rivers

Joseph Rivers

TRMS Custodian

Photo of Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson

District Technology Director

Photo of Rita Holsberg

Rita Holsberg

Administrative Assistant, District Technology

Photo of Cheryl Wallace

Cheryl Wallace

Technology Specialist – Data Systems

Photo of Kevin Peck

Kevin Peck

District Senior Tech Specialist / Network Admin

Photo of Dean Zanello

Dean Zanello

District Senior Tech Specialist / AV, Webmaster

Photo of Christina Hubley

Christina Hubley

District Technology Integrator / Distance Learning

Photo of Ray Matzker

Ray Matzker

Network Administrator/Technology Specialist

Photo of Jeff Krauss

Jeff Krauss

TRMS Technology Specialist

Photo of Marty Lewis

Marty Lewis

Sandown North Technology Specialist

Photo of Julie Lynch

Julie Lynch

Danville / Pollard Technology Specialist

Photo of Brandyn Tse

Brandyn Tse

Technology Specialist

Photo of Linda Mahoney

Linda Mahoney

Ex Admin Assitant – Pupil Services

Photo of Ana Maria Suarez-Gibbons

Ana Maria Suarez-Gibbons

Executive Administrative Assistant to Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Learning