Photo of Kim Rivers

Kim Rivers

Early Childhood Coordinator

Photo of Amy Dailey

Amy Dailey

Elementary Sped Coordinator

Photo of Heather Sweet

Heather Sweet

Executive Administrative Assistant/Registrar

Photo of Jen Ward

Jen Ward

Special Education Secretary

Photo of Megan Adams

Megan Adams


Photo of Heather Bartlett

Heather Bartlett

Speech/Language Pathologist

Photo of Kim DuBois

Kim DuBois

Physical Therapist

Photo of Abigail Goodson

Abigail Goodson

Special Education

Photo of Lauren Kenny

Lauren Kenny

Occupational Therapist Assistant

Photo of Sharon Parker

Sharon Parker

Behavioral Specialist

Photo of Courtney Pilcher

Courtney Pilcher

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Karen Radjavitch

Karen Radjavitch

Case Manager

Photo of Terry Sable

Terry Sable

Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant

Photo of Alexandra Simon

Alexandra Simon

Speech/Language Pathologist

Photo of Christine Crocker

Christine Crocker

PreSchool Teacher

Photo of Cheryl Goodman

Cheryl Goodman

PreKindergarten Teacher

Photo of Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

PreKindergarten Teacher

Photo of Sandy Peters

Sandy Peters

AM/PM Half Day Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Maura Burns

Maura Burns

Full Day Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Amanda DeCew

Amanda DeCew

Full Day Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Lee Anne Miller

Lee Anne Miller

Full Day Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Meredith Bastien

Meredith Bastien

ELA Instructional Coach

Photo of William Doughty

William Doughty

Teacher – Enrichment/Innovation

Photo of Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Rice

Teacher – Art

Photo of Blair Wortham

Blair Wortham

Integration Specialist

Photo of Alisha Ford

Alisha Ford

Teacher – Physical Education / Gym

Photo of Kimberly O’Leary

Kimberly O’Leary

Teacher – Music

Photo of Amanda Azevedo

Amanda Azevedo


Photo of Madison Boudreau

Madison Boudreau


Photo of Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown


Photo of Nancy Doherty

Nancy Doherty


Photo of Deb Gilmartin

Deb Gilmartin


Photo of Laurie Gray

Laurie Gray


Photo of Wendy Laurence

Wendy Laurence


Photo of Daryl Martin

Daryl Martin


Photo of Jennifer Raymond

Jennifer Raymond


Photo of Susanne Tewell

Susanne Tewell


Photo of Ashlee Weatherbee

Ashlee Weatherbee


Photo of Maria Weatherbee

Maria Weatherbee


Photo of Mayra Maldonado

Mayra Maldonado

District Food Service Director / Whitsons

Photo of Michelle Kontos

Michelle Kontos

Sandown North Food Service Manager

Photo of Karl Ingoldsby

Karl Ingoldsby

Director of Plant Operations

Photo of Sarah Vaira

Sarah Vaira

Facilities Supervisor

Photo of Alan Perry

Alan Perry

Grounds Supervisor

Photo of Bob Stilson

Bob Stilson

TLC Sandown Custodian-Lead

Photo of Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald

TLC Sandown Custodian

Photo of Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson

District Technology Director

Photo of Kevin Peck

Kevin Peck

District Senior Tech Specialist / Network Admin

Photo of Dean Zanello

Dean Zanello

District Senior Tech Specialist / AV, Webmaster

Photo of Christina Hubley

Christina Hubley

District Technology Integrator / Distance Learning

Photo of Brandyn Tse

Brandyn Tse

Technology Specialist