Photo of Christopher Kellan

Christopher Kellan

Superintendent of Schools

Photo of Justin Krieger

Justin Krieger

Assistant Supintendent

Photo of Kelly Salovitch

Kelly Salovitch

Chief Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools

Photo of Sandra Allaire

Sandra Allaire

Executive Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning

Photo of Fran Decinto

Fran Decinto

Director of Human Resources

Photo of Maria Watkins

Maria Watkins

Business Administrator/CFO

Photo of Mark Pedersen

Mark Pedersen

Director of Secondary Education

Photo of Lucy Canotas

Lucy Canotas

Director of Elementary Education

Photo of Kelley Brooks

Kelley Brooks

Director of Special Education

Ginger Drechsel

Student Services Coordinator

Photo of Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson

Director of Technology

Photo of Karl Ingoldsby

Karl Ingoldsby

Director of Plant Operations

Photo of Angelo Fantasia

Angelo Fantasia

Athletics Director

Photo of Kurt Schweiss

Kurt Schweiss

Director of Music

Photo of Mayra Maldonado

Mayra Maldonado

Food Service Director

Photo of Nichole Denahey

Nichole Denahey

Payroll Coordinator

Photo of Kerrie Ward

Kerrie Ward

Administrative Assistant/Finance

Photo of Lisa Oliver

Lisa Oliver

Assistant Business Administrator

Photo of Kathy Linton

Kathy Linton

Lead Human Resources Generalist

Photo of Patricia Macomber

Patricia Macomber

Accounts Payable Analyst

Photo of Heather Greenfield

Heather Greenfield

Administrative Assistant – Human Resources

Photo of Deborah Husson

Deborah Husson

Human Resources Coordinator

Photo of Charlotte Misuraca

Charlotte Misuraca

Executive Administrative Assistant to Special Education

Photo of Nancy Stafford

Nancy Stafford


Photo of Meaghan Guanci

Meaghan Guanci

Assistant Principal / Curriculum Coordinator

Photo of Amy Dailey

Amy Dailey

PK-5 Sped Coordinator

Photo of Sharon Skinner

Sharon Skinner

Exec Administrative Assistant/Registrar

Photo of Erin Hallisey

Erin Hallisey

Administrative Assistant/Attendance

Photo of Samantha Houlihan

Samantha Houlihan

School Counselor

Photo of Laura Ross

Laura Ross

Librarian / Media Generalist

Photo of JoAnn Pinard Evans

JoAnn Pinard Evans

Library Assistant

Photo of Jacquelyn Bellacqua

Jacquelyn Bellacqua

Special Education

Photo of Jocelyn Marks

Jocelyn Marks

Speech/Language Pathologist

Photo of Sandra McKeen

Sandra McKeen

Special Education

Photo of Shana McTague

Shana McTague


Photo of Victoria Polito

Victoria Polito

Occupational Therapist

Terry Sable

Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant

Photo of Taryn Stowell

Taryn Stowell

Speech/Language Pathologist

Photo of Jennifer Titelbaum

Jennifer Titelbaum

Special Education

Lisa Vadala

Special Education Evaluator

Photo of Lyndsey Walters

Lyndsey Walters


Photo of Carol White

Carol White

Special Education

Kim White

Physical Therapist

Photo of Sherry LeBlanc

Sherry LeBlanc

Title One Educator

Photo of Kansas Ferguson

Kansas Ferguson

First Grade Teacher

Photo of Denise Georgoudis

Denise Georgoudis

First Grade Teacher

Photo of Cali O’Sullivan

Cali O’Sullivan

First Grade Teacher

Photo of Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson

First Grade Teacher

Photo of Sherry Bollhorst

Sherry Bollhorst

Second Grade Teacher

Photo of Melissa DiBenedetto

Melissa DiBenedetto

Second Grade Teacher

Kayla Seavey

Second Grade Teacher

Photo of Jessica Warwick

Jessica Warwick

Second Grade Teacher

Photo of Alison Carroll

Alison Carroll

Third Grade Teacher

Photo of Lisa Paladino

Lisa Paladino

Third Grade Teacher

Photo of Denise St. Hilaire

Denise St. Hilaire

Third Grade Teacher

Photo of Kimberly Buchwald

Kimberly Buchwald

Fourth Grade Teacher

Photo of Andrea Castano

Andrea Castano

Fourth Grade Teacher

Photo of Laura Howell

Laura Howell

Fourth Grade Teacher

Photo of Nancy Magee

Nancy Magee

Fifth Grade Teacher

Kristin Paulson

Fifth Grade Teacher

Photo of Melissa Siuda

Melissa Siuda

Fifth Grade Teacher

Photo of Kathryn Bruce

Kathryn Bruce

Teacher – Innovation

Amy Difeo

ELA Instructional Coach

Photo of Justin Bentley-Melle

Justin Bentley-Melle

Teacher – Computers / Technology

Photo of Kim Decristofaro

Kim Decristofaro

Teacher – Physical Education / Gym

John Mainella

Teacher – Music / Band

Photo of Alison Yankowskas

Alison Yankowskas

Teacher – Music / Stringed Instruments

Photo of Michelle Carey

Michelle Carey


Photo of Heidi Chaput

Heidi Chaput


Alexis Clark


Photo of Liz Cregg

Liz Cregg


Elizabeth Dillon


Photo of Virginia Foley

Virginia Foley


Yafit Gitterman


Photo of Evelyn Gurzcak

Evelyn Gurzcak


Photo of Sandy Gurzcak

Sandy Gurzcak


Vivian Gurzcak


Photo of Jean Hanley

Jean Hanley


Photo of Molly Higham

Molly Higham


Photo of Karen Iacozzi

Karen Iacozzi


Photo of Deborah Magliozzi

Deborah Magliozzi


Photo of Erica Olsen

Erica Olsen


Photo of Ellen Powers

Ellen Powers


Photo of Barbara Robinson

Barbara Robinson


Photo of Lisa Trepaney

Lisa Trepaney


Photo of Mayra Maldonado

Mayra Maldonado

District Food Service Director / Whitsons

Steven Harris

TRHS Food Service Asst Director

Amy Montebianchi

Atkinson Academy Food Service Manager

Photo of Sally Morris

Sally Morris

TRMS Food Service Manager

Deborah Rose

Sandown North Food Service Manager

Photo of Deb Waters

Deb Waters

Pollard School Food Service Manager

Shari Whalen

Danville School Food Service Manager

Stacy Tessier

TRHS Food Service Manager

Photo of Michelle Kontos

Michelle Kontos

Food Service

Photo of Karl Ingoldsby

Karl Ingoldsby

Director of Plant Operations

Sarah Vaira

Facilities Supervisor

Alan Perry

Grounds Supervisor

Kevin Bartose


Blake Cloonan

Maintenance Mechanic

Steven Paradis


Eric Bragg

TRHS Lead Custodian

Jean Dodier

Danville School Head Custodian

Photo of John Heffernan

John Heffernan

Pollard School Head Custodian

Photo of Zig Paszko

Zig Paszko

Sandown North Head Custodian

Jim Rivers

TRMS Head Custodian

Bob Stilson

TLC Sandown Custodian-Lead

Paul Lanouette


Joshua Worthen


Photo of Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson

District Technology Director

Photo of Rita Holsberg

Rita Holsberg

Administrative Assistant, District Technology

Photo of Cheryl Wallace

Cheryl Wallace

Technology Specialist – Data Systems

Photo of Kevin Peck

Kevin Peck

District Senior Tech Specialist / Network Admin

Photo of Dean Zanello

Dean Zanello

District Senior Tech Specialist / AV, Webmaster

Photo of Christina Hubley

Christina Hubley

District Technology Integrator / Distance Learning

Ray Matzker

Network Administrator/Technology Specialist

Photo of Stephen Crowley

Stephen Crowley

Atkinson/Danville Technology Specialist

Photo of Jeff Krauss

Jeff Krauss

TRMS Technology Specialist

Photo of Marty Lewis

Marty Lewis

Sandown North Technology Specialist

Photo of Julie Lynch

Julie Lynch

Danville / Pollard Technology Specialist

Ana Maria Suarez-Gibbons

Executive Administrative Assistant to Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Learning

Sandown North Nurse

Sandown North Nurse (TBD) – Email will contact Nurse on Duty