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SAP Program Description

The Student Assistance Program is a short-term counseling and referral service for students who may be having performance and/or behavioral concerns. This confidential service will screen for a broad variety of teen issues, such as depression, anger management, substance abuse, anxiety and other mental health issues that may impact a student’s ability to focus in school. Referrals are made by administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, and students themselves. Educational support groups can be offered, as well as referrals to outside treatment providers.

In addition to the individual and/or group services, the TRSD Student Assistance Program has taken an active role in offering leadership opportunities for students in both the middle school and the high school.  Students are trained and offered the opportunity to practice their skills in environments such as the classroom or in the community.

Because one of the programs specialties is looking at substance abuse issues, the federal law of confidentiality governing substance abuse records, 42 CFR Part 2, protects the entire program. Even though students do have a right to privacy around these records, every effort is made to join with parents to make recommendations for the student and family that will help address the issues identified.

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