Substance Abuse Prevention

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Common Drugs of Abuse

Alcohol Facts & Stats Drug Facts Bath Salts Drug Facts Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Drug Facts Cocaine Drug Facts Cough & Cold Drug Facts E-Cigarettes Drug Facts Heroin Drug Facts Inhalants Drug Facts K2 Spice Synthetic Marijuana Drug Facts Marijuana       

Community Resources

SoROCK Coalition for Healthy Youth:   Treatment Locator:   NH Bureau of Drug & Alcohol Resource Guide:  State BDAS Guide 2015   Also check out our Local providers:   Licensed Alcohol Drug Abuse Counselors:   Ordway Counseling Jerry Kearns, LADC, LMHC                           …

How Do I Know If My Child Has A Problem?

Signs & Symptoms of Problem Drug Abuse   DECLINE IN SCHOOL PERFORMANCE: An atypical decline in grades during the past year A rapid, recent decline in grades Failure to inform parents of school events, including requests for parents to meet with teachers, etc. Loss of interest in school activities, including dropping out of extracurricular activities, …