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Life of an Owl

The Timberlane” Life of an Owl” program is part of the Statewide initiative sponsored by the New Hampshire Inter-scholastic Athletic Association called the “Life of an Athlete” .  This is a comprehensive prevention program that unifies key stakeholders around a clear policy and code of conduct and common values of positive lifestyle choices on enhancing human performance.

The program was developed by Olympic Trainer, John Underwood , who has worked with the world’s most elite athletes and military personnel and has studied the effects of lifestyle choices such as Diet, Exercise, sleep, and substance misuse.

The Life of an Athlete Program seek to improve the over-all school climate by training Student Leaders, engaging Coaches, Pre-season meetings for all athletes and their parents, Clear Codes of Conduct, and stakeholder unity (coaches, players, parents, fans, community).  Student leaders are encouraged to use media marketing and education campaigns that impact all stakeholders.

Timberlane has taken the Life of an Athlete on step further to promote the idea that these positive lifestyle choices not only have a positive impact for athletes, but the on the performance of all students, whether performing in the classroom, on stage, or doing community service.  The students decided to adopt the Life of an Owl  brand instead to make the program more inclusive of all students.

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