General Information


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Health Screenings

TRSD Nurses perform routine screenings on students in kindergarten, in 4th grade, in 7th grade, and in 10th grade. These screenings may include blood pressure, vision, and hearing. Parents will be notified by letter if a student’s screening is outside normal limits.  It is up to the parent to follow up with their primary physician …

Immunization Requirements

Medication Policy

Prescription medication should not be taken during school hours, if at all possible. Medication is to be administered by the school nurse, principal, or other designee. Medication will be administered in school only after the following information has been received and filed in the student’s health record. This includes self-carrying medications such as epinephrine auto …

TRSD Physician’s Guidlines

Wellness Policy

TRSD WELLNESS Policy The Board recognizes the importance of proper nutrition and developmentally appropriate physical activity as ways of promoting healthy lifestyles, minimizing childhood obesity, and preventing other diet-related chronic diseases. The Board also recognizes that health and student success are inter-related. It is, therefore, the goal of the Board that the learning environment positively …