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Flu vs. Cold

Resources Center for Disease Control and Prevention Cold versus Flu The Flu: A Guide for Parents Kids Health Is It Cold or Flu?

Health Hygiene

Top 10 Health Tips                     Proper Hand Washing

Key Information to Communicate

Things Parents Should Communicate to TRSD Nurses Any written communication from your doctor’s office post illness/injury Call with any changes to demographics or updated medical information When calling a student in sick please let us know if they have been confirmed of a contagious illness Things TRSD Nurses Want Parents to Know Students are not permitted …

When to Keep Your Child at Home?

Sick Children of any age should not attend school. Your child will benefit from extra rest and will recover more quickly while minimizing the spread of illness at school. Fever- Any fever over 100 degrees during the night or morning before school. Students should be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever …