Health Issues

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Concussion Protocol

TRSD Concussion and Head Injury Policy The School Board recognizes that concussions and head injuries are commonly reported injuries in children and adolescents who participate in sports and other recreational activities. The Board acknowledges the risk of catastrophic injuries…..Read More   Other Resources New Hampshire Dept of Health and Human Services Concussion Fact Sheet Center …

Food Allergies

If your child is in a peanut/tree nut sensitive room please call the teacher and/or nurse for any questions regarding this process to ensure safety of our children.   Food Allergy Guidelines: Notify the school of the child’s allergy(s), prior to entry into school or immediately after a diagnosis of a life threatening allergy is …

Head Lice

During any school year there can be outbreaks of head lice.  Head lice do not discriminate- they love everyone!  Higher risk groups include children ages 3-11, females, clean hair, those returning from vacation, summer camps, and sleep-overs. What are head lice? Head lice are tiny, wingless, greyish-tan insects that live and breed in human hair.  …

Substance Abuse

Suicide Prevention

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Living in New Hampshire, we are lucky to be surrounded by nature. Before we go out to enjoy our surroundings, we should always take precaution.     Resources New Hampshire DHHS Tick Card Fact Sheet   Center for Disease Control and Prevention Lyme Disease signs and symptoms Frequently Asked Questions