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Key Information to Communicate

Things Parents Should Communicate to TRSD Nurses

  • Any written communication from your doctor’s office post illness/injury
  • Call with any changes to demographics or updated medical information
  • When calling a student in sick please let us know if they have been confirmed of a contagious illness

Things TRSD Nurses Want Parents to Know

  • Students are not permitted to bring in medication (on themselves) for the nurse.  Parents must drop it off at the Nurse’s Office.
  • Please remember that OTC meds require an MD order, just as a prescription medication would
  • Please review the reasons to keep a child home from school. Any questions concerning this call the nurse!
  • We cannot stress enough to have immunizations in order for the start of the school year.
  • Please bring in medication, MD order, and parental/guardian consent for that medication at the onset of the school year.
  • If a spacer is ordered for a student with an inhaler please provide this.
  • Please note expiration dates of your medications and supply the nurse with new medication before the expiration date. 
  • Please note when refills are needed for the nurse and supply this before the supply in the Health Office is depleted.
  • Each year when entering info into Info Snap be sure to double check for completeness of the document(s).
  • If your child is in a peanut/tree nut sensitive room please call the teacher and/or nurse for any questions regarding this process to ensure safety of our children.
  • For our younger children a change of clothing kept in their backpack can come in handy!
  • Please have students coming to school with appropriate clothing for the change in seasons. 
  • Please review the dress code to avoid a call to the parent/guardian for a change in clothing.


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