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Apr 27

TPAF: Achieve 3000 Parent Overview. Monday 5/21 6-8pm TRMS Library

Timberlane Parent Advisory Forum (TPAF): Achieve3000 – A Parent Overview

Monday, May 21st 6:00p.m.- 8:00p.m., TRMS Library

Please join us for a TPAF session on the topic of Achieve3000 – A Parent Overview. Achieve3000 professionals, Ms. LaCamera and Ms. Bovard, will share helpful information with parents about accessing the parent portal, interpreting reports, understanding Lexile levels, and supporting your child at home with Achieve3000. As students advance through the grades they must both develop their comprehension skills AND apply them to increasingly complex texts. The Achieve3000 instructional tool adjusts based on your child’s personal reading level and is used in grades 3-11 to support literacy development of non-fiction/informational text. We hope you will join us for an interactive evening!

If you are unable to join us in person on May 21st, the meeting will be broadcast via LIVE STREAM at

You may send your questions to Email while watching LIVE STREAM. Your questions will be addressed throughout the evening.  Parents may suggest future agenda topics by emailing them to Email


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Apr 26

District Supports Operation Safe Stop

On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, the Timberlane Regional School District will cooperate with local, county and state law enforcement officials in the Operation Safe Stop program designed to (1) educate the public on laws about and the dangers of illegally passing stopped school buses with red lights flashing and stop arm extended; and (2) increase police presence targeting violators of this law. 

We need your help to deliver a message to students, parents and people you know explaining it is life threatening to children when a motorist passes a school bus, from either direction, when the FLASHING RED LIGHTS are ON!. 

A 2017 survey by the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services with responses from 29 states shows a 104,000-school bus driver recorded a one-day snapshot showing 77,972 vehicles passing their buses illegally.  These sample results alone show for a 180-day school year over 14 million violations by private motorists. 

Our  bus drivers report this takes place every day in our community.  We cannot allow this to continue to happen.  That is why our school district has chosen to support Operation Safe Stop’s goal of educating as many individuals as possible to protect the lives of our students.

Thanks for taking time to read this and becoming involved in Operation Safe Stop!

Tom Geary, Business Operations Coordinator
April 26, 2018


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Mar 07

April 2nd TPAF Session: Bullying – What Parents Need to Know

The Timberlane Regional School District will hold a meeting of the Timberlane Parent Advisory Forum (TPAF) on Monday, April 2, 2018 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the Timberlane Regional Middle School library.  All parents of Timberlane students are invited to attend. This informational forum will address the topic of:

Bullying – What Parents Need to Know

District administration believes safety and well-being of children is paramount for success in school, community, and in life. To this end, the district is pleased to host Attorney Allen Kropp, who specializes in training educators, parents, and communities on issues of bullying, discrimination, and civil rights. He will share important information about the laws and school district policies enacted to protect students against bullying.

Timberlane school administrators and Attorney Kropp will be available to answer general questions and to share efforts to prevent bullying in the schools.  Individual parent concerns should be brought to the attention of your school administration.  As always, the Timberlane school community appreciates the partnership of parents in all topics pertaining to the student success, safety, and well-being.

IMPORTANT!! If you are unable to join us in person, the meeting will be broadcasted via LIVE STREAM at  You may send your questions to TPAF while watching LIVE STREAM. Your questions will be addressed throughout the evening.

The TPAF website can be accessed by logging onto This website will provide you with information and updates related to TPAF topics, past meeting notes, a link to our email address, and more.

Parents are invited to submit future agenda topics for consideration by emailing them to TPAF

March 7, 2018

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Feb 15

TRSD Letter about Florida Tragedy

Feb 15, 2018

To the Timberlane School Community:

In light of the terrible events that occurred in Florida yesterday, our thoughts and prayers are with the Parkland community, parents, students, and staff.  The violence that this community experienced is reprehensible and tragic, and no school system should endure this type of peril.  We stand with the Parkland School District and offer support as they deal with the traumatic aftermath of this heartbreaking event.

We want to assure you that we continue to take all safety precautions to safeguard our schools.  Our administrators and staff are quick to respond to any suspicions or threats. Students speak up if they become concerned with what they hear or see on social media.  Our local Police Department is very responsive and supportive of the work we do in schools.

To our Parents:

It is unfortunate that you are put in the position to have to answer your children’s questions about these tragic events.   This can be a difficult time for children.  Please assure them that they are safe, and all the adults are there to protect them.  We have posted more resources on how to talk to your children about these sensitive topics on your school’s website, under the Parents tab.

We all play a role in helping our children thrive, and the Timberlane Schools are ready and responsive during this stressful time.  On behalf of Dr. Metzler, Superintendent of Schools, please feel free to contact your child’s school or the Superintendent’s Office, if you have any questions or concerns.


Dr. Roxanne Wilson, Assistant Superintendent

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Jan 26

TPAF: “GRIT, EMPATHY, and INTEGRITY” with author Thomas Hoerr

Timberlane Parent Advisory Forum (TPAF)
Wednesday, January 31st
6:00p.m.- 8:00p.m.
Timberlane Middle School Library
44 Greenough Rd, Plaistow

“GRIT, EMPATHY, and INTEGRITY” with author Thomas Hoerr

Please join us at Timberlane Regional Middle School as author, Thomas R. Hoerr discusses how to reinforce important success skills like GRIT, EMPATHY, and INTEGRITY in the home and at school.
Don’t miss our raffle of Mr. Hoerr’s SIGNED book, the Formative Five! Mr. Hoerr will be providing Timberlane staff with important professional learning during the day and you won’t want to miss our special guest in the evening!

If you are unable to join us in person on Jan.31st, the meeting will be broadcasted via LIVESTREAM at . You may send your questions to Email while watching LIVESTREAM. Your questions will be addressed throughout the evening. Parents may suggest future agenda topics by emailing them to Email

TPAF Chaired by:
Timberlane Parent, Sarah Machemer
Former Budget Committee Member, George Manos
District Administrator, Christi Michaud

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