Report an Incident and Contact Information

*Please note that although administration will respond as quickly as possible to e-mails, they are not always immediately available for response and we encourage you to call the school directly with your concerns.

When reporting an incident or concern to an administrator, please include the following information in your e-mail OR complete and attach the Report form for Suspected Bullying that is posted below:

Name & Contact Information of Person Making Report

Student(s) Name & Grade

Written Statement including date(s) and location(s) of incident.

Report form for Suspected Bullying

High School
Timothy Brown – Assistant Principal – Grades 9 and 10
Heather Cronan – Assistant Principal – Grade 11
Scott Strainge – Associate Principal – Grade 12

Middle School
Marilyn Hutnick – Assistant Principal – Grade 6
Maegan Koelker – Assistant Principal – Grade 7
Mitchell Mencis – Assistant Principal – Grade 8

Atkinson Academy
Patrice Liff – Assistant Principal

Danville Elementary
Meghan Corcoran – Assistant Principal

Pollard School
Brian Shawley- Assistant Principal
Douglas Blay – Assistant Principal

TLC at Sandown Central
Jennifer Marino – Principal

Sandown North
Christine Desrochers – Assistant Principal


Daniel Woodworth – Student Services Coordinator


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