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SAU55 Board

The SAU 55 School Board is comprised the members of both the Hampstead (5) and Timberlane Regional (9) School Boards with a total of 14 members. This board meets a minimum of 4 times a year at the Superintendent’s Office in Plaistow. The board is responsible for hiring the Superintendent as well as conducting annual evaluations of the Superintendent, fixing the salary of the Superintendent, acting upon the Superintendent’s nomination of SAU professional staff, and adopting both a budget for the expenses of the SAU and policies that affect the SAU.

David Smith,


Kim Farah (Timberlane/Danville) –  Board Chair

Jason Giard (Hampstead)

Brian Boyle (Timberlane/Atkinson) – Board Vice Chair

Susan Sherman (Timberlane/Plaistow)

Sarah Machemer (Timberlane/Plaistow)

Caitlin Parnell (Hampstead)

Shawn O’ Neil (Timberlane/Danville)

Lee Dube (Timberlane/Sandown)

KarenYasenkaKaren Yasenka (Hampstead) Jim Sweeney (Hampstead)

 Jennifer Silva (Timberlane/Atkinson)

Kristin Savage (Timberlane/Plaistow) Shelia Lowes  (Timberlane/Sandown)



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