August 26, 2013

Hello Timberlane!

I hope everybody has enjoyed a safe and healthy summer and is looking forward to an exciting school year. I also hope that students took the time to set Goals for themselves and set very high standards. I have directed the educators that they will be working with to do the same.

Over the past few months I have conducted exit interviews with employees leaving the District regardless of the reason, attended Old Home Days in several towns, responded to countless emails and phone calls, met with all new hires, spoke with current and past students, listened to current and former staff members concerns, consulted with current and former district leaders, met with community members and listened with a critical ear to make sure that I have a deep understanding of what is important to Timberlane. I want to thank everyone for contributing to the plan to chart the direction for the Timberlane Regional School District.

Over the summer the Leadership Teams of each of our schools and programs have developed Action Plans to define the Goals and outcomes for the coming school year. We will be presenting our Action Plans to the School Board during the September Board meetings. Each Action plan is linked to the District Action Plan, which in turn, is linked to both the School Board and Superintendent’s Leadership Team’s Goals. We will be working together to support and monitor these Action plans…and I will report back in the Spring on the outcomes. Common themes around academic rigor, evaluation and accountability can be found throughout. A major focus is placed on improving teaching and learning as well as allowing our teachers to be creative in their lesson design. Remember-Programs don’t teach children, teachers do! Supporting our instructional staff continues to be a major focus of the Superintendent’s Leadership Team. Encouraging artistic freedom, with a balance of evaluation and accountability will bring out the best in all of us!

This year the Superintendent’s leadership Team will be conducting Instructional Rounds in all of our schools by visiting individual classroom teachers and providing feedback on teaching and learning. We will also be conducting the Tripod Survey Project which will provide students an opportunity to tell us how they feel about the instructional practices in the Timberlane District. Again, this will be valuable feedback to incorporate in next year’s goals and action plans.

This summer I had the opportunity to visit our Extended School Year, or ESY program. I want to take this opportunity to commend the work of every staff member that worked for our ESY program this summer. Their work is extraordinary, and the students were outstanding in every way. That visit made me very proud to be your Superintendent.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate and wish middle school teacher Lucy Blood best wishes as she competes for Team USA at the International Triathlon Union’s World Sprint Championship in London, England. Ms. Blood will be sharing this honor and experience with students later this fall. We are very proud to have such an outstanding role model for the children in the Timberlane community!

Thank you, again, for your continued support.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  You may schedule an appointment through Cathy Belcher at 382-6119 ext 2217 or email me directly at Email.

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