June 23, 2014

Hello Timberlane!

The end of the 2013-14 school year is fast approaching, as a matter of fact, it’s here. Last week we recognized and congratulated the Class of 2014. The rain held off and the graduation ceremony went off without a hitch. We even had a few surprises! The Class of 2014 is truly an amazing class. In addition to how well they have dealt with matters throughout the school year, it is important to note that this class exemplified the utmost respect and maturity, to both their fellow students and families in attendance at the graduation ceremony. One need only attend graduations at other high schools to appreciate just how respectful our students are. We are proud of you, Class of 2014, and again, we wish you the very best life has to offer.

While it is true that Timberlane boasts some of the best students in the state, I would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge our amazing staff. I have had the pleasure of visiting school and classrooms for a number of reasons and I am convinced we have some of the best and brightest teachers and staff who are very serious about the teaching and learning here at Timberlane. I recently visited Mrs. Toscano’s second grade class at Pollard. Her students wanted to know what a Superintendent of Schools does; more specifically, what do I do all day?

I shared with them, in simple terms for second graders, that I work very hard to make sure there are great teachers, great supports for teachers and staff, and great materials and resources for great learning. I am committed to securing the resources our students need to succeed. And, I am grateful for a School Board who both supports and demands the very best for our students. Another part of my job is managing the message of the school district, as this is key to our efforts in improving both our programs and the culture in our schools. This is also one of the reasons why you might read that I, or the district, have no comment relative to specific articles reported by the press. We are on a mission of building up our district, highlighting and promoting all the good, and believe me, there is so much good going on. The press, along with a select few, on the other hand seems bent on the idea that there must be something negative to report on every topic or in every situation, if they look hard enough. And when they don’t find it, they will spin a story to give it that impression. Now I’m not suggesting we hide the things we don’t do well; as a matter of fact, I’ve made it my work to seek them out myself so we can address them. But I will not provide comments to entities whose purpose is to write negative stories to sell newspapers or to discredit the great work of our district without regard to the cost to our community. I strongly believe we will accomplish more in unity than we will in being divided. I am hopeful you feel this way too.

On another note, we are excited to offer a number of summer enrichment programs for our middle and high schoolers. Please log onto the high school’s website and click on the Timberlane Horizon Summer Enrichment Programs link or call the high school at 382-6541. There are lots of great opportunities for students to recover lost credit, access academic support, enjoy literacy enrichment classes, keep in shape with strength training, and much more.

Finally, I want to wish all our families, our staff and students a safe and relaxing summer vacation. Though the central office is open year round, we expect our staff members will also take some much needed time off. Be safe and see you in the fall.  

Dr. Earl Metzler,

Superintendent of Schools

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