August 21, 2014

The Timberlane Regional School Board is pleased to announce Walden University has presented Dr. Earl Metzler the Presidential Alumni Research Dissemination Award in recognition of his Doctoral Degree and the publication of his dissertation research.  The purpose of this award is to showcase the wide variety of high-quality research by Doctoral graduates who have presented or published their Walden research outcomes within the last five years.  Dr. Metzler’s research and publication on the “Effect of Dropout Prevention Programs on the Attitudes Toward School of Economically Disadvantaged Students” was nominated by a group of advisors working with Doctoral candidates.

“Every year, students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds drop out of school and attempt to enter the work force without any specialized training. The purpose of his study was to understand if dropout prevention programs change a potential dropout’s attitude toward school in a public school district. A quantitative, quasi-experimental research design was employed to determine the change in attitudes toward school after being involved in the dropout prevention program. Lemert’s societal reaction theory formed the theoretical foundation for the study. A paired t-test was used to compare before and after treatment attitude scores of students in two high schools who participated in the dropout prevention program. Results indicated significant improvement in attitudes toward school and toward the dropout prevention program after the intervention. This study contributes to social change by helping school officials understand how students’ attitudes contribute to the decision to leave school early, thus promoting opportunities to encourage students to complete their education.” –excerpt from Effect of Dropout Prevention Programs on the Attitudes Toward School of Economically Disadvantaged Students.

The School Board wishes to congratulate Dr. Metzler on this most prestigious award and proclaim with confidence and high regard an appreciation for his expertise and dedication in serving the needs of students in public education.


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