Superintendent’s Message – March 2015

March 18, 2015

This has been a very exciting voting season.  I’d like to first thank our outgoing elected officials for their service to the school district.  From Atkinson we want to recognize and thank Kate Delfino for three years service on the school board and Greg Spero for four years on the budget committee.  From Sandown I’d like to acknowledge Arthur Green for one year service on the budget committee.

Our newly elected school officials are Jack Sapia and Greg Spero from Atkinson who will both serve on the school board, and Kate Delfino who will serve on the budget committee.

From Danville I’d like to recognize Joshua Horns for his re-election to the budget committee.

From Plaistow there is Peter Bealo to the school board and Tom Geary and Tony Cantone to the budget committee.  All three were re-elected to their positions.

From Sandown, Donna Green was re-elected to the school board and new to the budget committee this year is Mr. Lee Dube.

I personally welcome each one of these officials and look forward to working with them over the next school year.

I want to thank you, our voters and stakeholders, for passing the school district’s proposed budget for the 2015-16 school year.

Another important issue this voting season was the Sandown Central School.  Voters did not approve its funding and they basically had three opportunities on the ballot to do so.  In preparation for the consolidation of the two Sandown schools, I have established an advisory committee comprised of district administrators, teachers, Sandown members of the budget committee and school board, Sandown parents and a Sandown selectman.  This committee will work to provide a viable plan to consolidate the two Sandown schools into Sandown North with keeping a strong focus on three things:

1.) what is best for the students;

2.) addressing district needs as a whole, and

3.) providing considerations to the district’s special programs.

This committee will be ready to hit the ground running once the school board makes its final decision on the plan to consolidate the schools at their March 19th board meeting.  I am confident the committee will do its due diligence and our Sandown students will continue to receive the very best educational opportunities.    We will leave no stone unturned as it relates to transitioning our students.

Another ballot item I wanted to make note of is the voter’s overwhelming support of the two year Timberlane Support Staff Union’s collective bargaining agreement.  This agreement passed in all four district towns.    We have some of the very best paraeducators in the state and your support of them and their work is greatly appreciated.

I am entering into my fourth year with the district in August of this year and reflect on all of the initiatives we accomplished in such a short time.  The rigor and accountability for both students and staff have increased profoundly, we continue to monitor and improve our systems and programming and we want to thank our incredible staff for their efforts in these endeavors.

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Earl Metzler

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