July 15, 2015

The Timberlane Regional School District is proud to announce an increase in the percentage of qualifying AP exam scores according to the recent 2015 College Board data release. A “qualifying score” is defined as a score of 3 or more with a maximum score of 5.  These scores are predictive of college success and graduation.

At the Timberlane Regional High School, all Advanced Placement (AP) students participate in the College Board AP Exam each year.  In 2015, 64.7% of students enrolled in AP courses received a qualifying score, a remarkable increase of 13% over the past two years. This growth represents Timberlane’s highest percentage of qualifying scores in recent memory and is credited to Timberlane’s initiative and commitment to increase rigor and accountability.

At the State and National levels, qualifying AP exam scores have declined in the last year.  In 2015 at the state level, 74.3% of Advanced Placement students obtained qualifying scores, a decrease of 1.7% from the year prior.  National scores also realized a slight decrease with 60.6% students qualified in 2015, a 0.7% decrease from last year.

Beginning in the 2013-14 school year, all Timberlane students enrolled in AP courses were required to take the AP exam. The School Board supported this requirement by allocating funds to pay for the exams.  It is important to note that many schools handpick which students should take the test.  With Timberlane’s increased rigor and accountability, and the district’s requirement that all AP students take the AP exam, this 13% increase in qualifying scores is even more impressive!

Congratulations are extended to both the students and instructional staff for this accomplishment.

Dr. Earl Metzler

Superintendent of Schools                                                                                      July 15, 2015


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