August 12, 2015

As Superintendent of Schools, I am pleased to announce that the school district has prevailed in the matter of the Towns of Sandown and Danville v. the Timberlane Regional School District as it relates to the Sandown schools consolidation plan. As such, the consolidation and transition plan as approved by the School Board will move forward.

I want to thank the many who provided their support to the school district during this difficult period. Appreciation is extended to our instructional and support staff and administrators at the Sandown schools for their patience as they wait to access and prepare their classrooms; to the amazing custodial, maintenance and IT crews as they work diligently to prepare for the move, and most of all, to the families that we serve for their patience, trust and support.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the School Board for their leadership, courage and willingness to embrace positive change that will lead to additional student success and achievement. The children of this district have always been and will continue to be at the forefront of all our decisions.

Buildings don’t make great schools; people do! I look forward to bonding the divided stakeholders to dream big, embrace change, and create educational opportunities that are bigger and better than ever before.

Dr. Earl Metzler
Superintendent of Schools

August 12, 2015

Upcoming Events

Events on September 28, 2021
School Board Special Meeting
Starts: 7:00 pm
Location: Timberlane Performing Arts Center, 40 Greenough Rd, Plaistow, NH 03865, USA
Description: Emergency meeting to vote to call special mtg of the legislative body to consider an increase of appropriations due to an increase in adequacy from the State
Events on October 5, 2021
Curriculum & Assessment Committee Meeting
Starts: 4:00 pm
Location: 30 Greenough Rd, Plaistow, NH 03865, USA
Description: BoardRoom
Events on October 7, 2021
Policy Committee Meeting
Starts: 5:45 pm
Location: 30 Greenough Rd, Plaistow, NH 03865, USA