September 8, 2015

In addition to  the normal routines and procedures coaches and athletes work through during their seasons, adjustments have been made to address the recent extremely hot temperatures.  During this stretch of hot weather, coaches have taken several measures to ensure the safety of our student athletes.  On days when the heat and humidity index is high, practices have been shortened and water breaks have been longer and have increased in frequency.  During games, the officials have been calling “Officials’ Timeouts” in order to ensure the players on both teams receive a water break.  Athletic Directors and Athletic Trainers from all schools have been diligent in supplying water to all teams, and check to replenish the supply when needed. 

The safety of all student remains at the forefront of all District priorities; however, we remind parents that they are the final decision-makers when it comes to the safety of their children.

Angelo Fantasia

Athletic Director

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