September 3, 2015

On Wednesday afternoon, the staff at the newly relocated Timberlane Learning Center Preschool was surprised by a visit from the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Earl Metzler, and his district leadership team. Dr. Metzler wanted to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of this dedicated preschool and Kindergarten staff who worked tirelessly to transform the former upper elementary school into a warm and inviting early childhood learning environment.

Staff and students were assembled in the library, where colorful balloons set a festive air. Students were attentive as their teachers and support staff were recognized with certificates of appreciation and deemed “Founding Staff Members of the Timberlane Learning Center at Sandown Central.”

Dr. Metzler lauded the staff for their initiative and hard work under difficult circumstances. The move to Sandown Central was held up by a lawsuit filed by the towns of Sandown and Danville seeking to prevent the district from using the school. The district received notice on August 12th that they had prevailed, a scant two weeks before the start of school. The staff, led by Principal Doug Rolph and Preschool coordinator Kathy McKechnie, kicked into high gear to accomplish the impossible. Deserving of recognition and thanks are:

Heather Bartlett, Maura Brown, Tara Burkhart, Marie Buckley, Michele Childs, Christine Crocker, Bob Comeford, Nancy Doherty, Stacey Eaton, Carol Erickson, Liz Felder, Deb Gilmartin, Tracy Gordon, Laurie Gray, Marry Hatton, Janice Knuuttunen, Wendy Lawrence, Kelsey McKechnie, Lee Anne Miller, Elsa Naylor, Susan Peters, Katie Ryan, Kim Simpson, Anne Sotirakopoulos, Lisa Smith, Assunta Ternullo, Judy Tubbs and Kim White.

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