New Support Provided to the Timberlane 6-12 Campus

December 9, 2015


Dr. Metzler announces another initiative to support the teaching at Timberlane.  With the support of the School Board, modifications will be made to the current Academic Dean’s responsibities and three new Dean positions will be added to the roster beginning school year 2016-17.  This new structure will allow for comprehensive support strategies to be implemented for our teaching staff in grades 6 through 12.  Not only will it continue the work to align the curriculum for grade 6-12, but it will afford Deans the opportunity to target specific areas for instructional support.  Reducing the size of the departments will allow them to better manage and evaluate both the curriculum and intructional staff as well as execute strategies for improving rigor and accountability. These new positions have been posted internally only at this time with the expectation the interview and selection process will follow shortly.  The posted positions are:

  • Academic Dean of English and English Language Arts
  • Academic Dean of Enrichment, RTI, Reading & Freshman Academy
  • Academic Dean of Family and Consumer Science, Health, PE and ICT

Dr. Metzler thanks the School Board and the community for its ongoing support and understanding of the measures required to address district deficiencies and make systematic improvements.  It takes time to review and audit each of the components of the District’s educational offerings and determine the best strategies for improvement.  It is important to note that improvement is an ongoing examination and implementation process – there is no one-size-fits-all solution.  All of the Superintendent’s initiatives are designed to increase the rigor, accountability, evaluation and support necessary to improve student achievement.

December 9, 2015

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