Superintendent Modifies Lakeview Ave Bus Stop in Sandown

October 25, 2016

This announcement shall serve as notification of a change in protocol for students who utilize the Lakeview Avenue bus stop in Sandown.  Effective immediately, students will no longer be allowed to wait for the bus in the designated second driveway of 84 Main Street; the offer to wait in this driveway has been rescinded. Students will now be required to wait along the right-of-way on Lakeview Avenue.  Specifically, students shall stand on the right-hand side of the road, in single file along the fence line. Students shall not be permitted to wait on 121A (Main Street). This arrangement will provide a safe location for students to wait while also ensuring maximum space for vehicles to navigate the road. There are no changes to the protocol for utilizing the Higgins Avenue bus stop; parents/guardians who wish to wait with students in their vehicles or pick them up in their vehicles should use the bus stop located at Higgins Avenue (and 121A).

Though well-intended, Police Chief Gordon’s arrangement with the property owner of 84 Main Street is not a viable solution to a decades-long issue.  Dr. Metzler’s recommendation that the Town of Sandown design and create a community bus stop that would allow both students and parents to wait for the school bus without concern for the traffic on Route 121A or the limited space on the many side roads still stands.

Support from the Sandown community is greatly appreciated while an appropriate and long term bus stop can be established to serve the families within the Duston Grove area.

October 25, 2016

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