Superintendent Commits to Environmental Education

April 18, 2017

While at the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) annual conference in New Orleans, Dr. Earl Metzler joined the Superintendents’ Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC) as the New Hampshire state advocate, also known as the “NH State Champion,” for the organization.

The SEEC is a national collaborative that connects superintendents across the country through a common goal of graduating environmentally literate students. Through the SEEC, superintendents partner with environmental non-profits and community organizations to equip them with the tools necessary to achieve their goals at the District level.

Setting a standard for environmental literacy involves providing students with the relevant knowledge about our planet, while also inspiring an awareness that incites sustainable actions daily. Environmental education can reach students at all grade levels, and can integrate into curriculums across subject areas. Dr. Metzler is excited to promote this guideline in the Districts, and to push for student experiences that strengthen STEM learning and civic engagement.

As the NH State Champion, Dr. Metzler welcomes NH superintendents to join him in the effort to include and advance environmental education across the state.

April 18, 2017


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