Timberlane German Exchange Program Seeks Host Families

August 3, 2017

steven.rugoletti @timberlane.net

The German Change Program seeks host families for German students visiting the Timberlane Regional High School September 13th through October 1st. Of the 22 German students coming, 11 have already been placed; host homes are still needed for 11 (6 boys and 5 girls). Because these students will shadow Timberlane High School counterparts, high school host families will be given preference.

• The students are from our sister exchange program school in Droissig, Germany.
• Host students (or their families) DO NOT need to speak German or be enrolled in German classes to participate – the exchange students WANT to practice their English language skills! All students in any high school grade as well as staff can host!
• The German exchange students will be expected to take part in “daily life” with their host family.
• Host families will have three weekends to “tour” their German guest around the area. During the weekday, guests would attend school and shadow their American counterpart. On some of the weekdays, the German teachers will take the students on field trips to Boston, Salem, whale watches, etc.
• There are no additional expenses other than feeding and “entertaining” your German guest.
• Every one of the German exchange students are advanced in their school. They speak English fluently and have done so since 2nd grade.
• Education-wise, they are the equivalent of junior classmen in our school system.
• They LOVE sports – particularly Fuβbol (soccer) and Football!
• They want to see the best of America – and that is YOU!

• This is a fantastic opportunity to find out how another culture sees America – you will build cultural awareness.
• You WILL make new friends.
• Timberlane High School host students will have the opportunity to go to Germany to visit their guest’s home next June. You don’t HAVE to go, but you have the opportunity if you want it.
• You get to do stuff! Many families find they go places and do things with their Germans that they might not have done on their own, and have a great time doing it. It helps YOUR family have fun together.
• It is fun – plain and simple – German exchange students are awesome guests.

Please contact Steven Rugoletti at steven.rugoletti @timberlane.net or 603-674-5010 for more information or to sign up.

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